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Success Plans: Gantt Chart View


This article provides information about the Gantt Chart view in Customer Success Plans. Refer to Create Success plans in C360 to understand more about managing Success Plans.

Gantt Chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates the progress of scheduled tasks against a defined criteria. You can find Gantt Chart as one of the tabs within the Success Plans section of the 360. This tab provides a graphical representation of all the objectives listed in the OBJECTIVES tab against the planned schedule. You can have an instant overview of the owners and the respective objectives, associated tasks, and important dates.

Click GANTT CHART ( tab in C360/R360 > Success Plans to navigate to the Gantt Chart view for the selected customer). Refer to the following image:


Gantt Chart List View

This view is similar to Objectives List View in the OBJECTIVES tab.

List View Gantt Chart.png

The following are the List View columns and respective actions allowed:

  1. Check-box: Select this to close CTAs and Tasks from Gantt Chart.
  2. Owner: Hover over this image to view the name of the owner.
  3. Important Flag: Select this flag to mark a CTA as important.
  4. Objectives/Tasks: Displays all the objectives and the associated tasks. Hover over to view the complete objective or task name. 

Note: By default, task list is expanded.

  1. Start Date: By default, the start date for the CTA objectives and tasks begin at the respective created date. CSMs can modify the Start Date from the Gantt Chart tab, based on their requirement.
  2. Due Date: Displays the due date of the selected objective or task. You can modify the due date based on your requirement.

Note: You can also edit the Owner (for both Objectives and Tasks). To change the owner, click on the Owner icon and search for the required owner. Refer the following image.

Gannt Chart Details.gif

When the due date for an objective is greater than the success plan due date, the success plan due date is updated to reflect the latest due date.

Gantt Chart Bar Chart View

This provides the bar chart view of the progress of respective objectives and tasks from the list view against the planned schedule. You can also view the daily, weekly, and monthly details of all the objectives listed in the OBJECTIVES tab against the planned schedule in the bar chart.

Gantt Chart_Bar View.gif

Colors and Symbols Representation in Bar Chart

The bar representation of the CTA objectives and tasks begins at the respective start date and ends at the due date. The following colors and symbols are illustrated in the bar chart view:

  1. Blue Vertical Line: Represents the Current Date and is the beginning of the bar chart. If the current date is not the objective/task Start Date, use the scroll-bar at the bottom of the chart to move the chart to the left or right.
  2. Red Bar: Represents open and overdue CTA or task
  3. Green Bar: Represents open and not overdue CTA or task.
  4. Orange Triangle with Exclamation Mark: Represents Due Date is less than the Start Date.
  5. Gray Bar: Represents Closed CTA or task.
  6. Dark Gray pointer inside the Gray Bar: Represents the Closed Date is earlier than the Due Date.
  7. Extended Dark Gray pointer outside the Gray Bar: Represents the Closed Date is later than the Due Date.  

In the Bar Graph, you can also hover over the bar to view the following details:

  • Status
  • Start Date
  • Due Date
  • Priority
  • Overdue
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