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Share Success Plan


This article explains how CSMs can share a Success Plan with internal users or external contacts via email. The Success Plan must be configured for sharing by the admin, with optional security settings. To know about how admins can configure a Success Plan for sharing, see the Configure Success Plan for Sharing article. 

Share the Success Plan

The following procedure explains how to share an individual Success Plan. To learn how to add a Success Plan as a section in the Shared360, see Configure Shared 360.

  1. Navigate to C360 > Success Plans.
  2. In C360 > Success Plan section > Under the three dots, an option is added to share a Success Plan.
  3. Once you click the Share Plan option, the Success Plan Export Configuration pane is displayed.
  4. Select the Share plan as a link option to share the Success Plan as a link.

Note: The Export plan as a PPT option is used to export the Success Plan as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. See Exporting Success Plans article for more information.

  1. You can choose to either share the plan with internal users or with external customer contacts. You can also choose to exclude the Success Plan tasks in the shared output.

sp section-1.png

Notes: For sharing with contacts, the Enable Sharing with Contacts option must be enabled in the Success Plan. When a plan is marked for external sharing, all the corresponding Objectives are also marked for external sharing. However, you can uncheck this option to mark individual Objectives for internal sharing only. By default, all success plans are marked for internal sharing only.

For a Success Plan where specific sections/objectives are marked for external sharing, and that Success Plan is shared with contacts, only those sections/objectives that were marked for external sharing will be displayed to the recipient (contact). Whenever a Success Plan is shared with internal users, all the sections/objectives will be displayed to the recipient (user) by default.

enable sharing sp - 2.png

Once marked for external sharing, the global sharing sharing icon - 3.png icon is visible next to the Success Plan name and objectives.

shared plan - 4.png

When external sharing is enabled, the Success Plan is visible in Shared 360 layout when shared with contacts.

  1. Click PREVIEW.
  2. Click the Track Users icon to view the recipients with whom the Success Plan is shared.

track users - 5.png

  1. Click SHARE. The Email Layout window is displayed.
  2. In the Send to drop-down list, Contacts or Users will be displayed based on what you have selected in step 5.
  3. In the Choose Users/Choose Contacts field, enter the required users or contacts.


  • For sharing a Success Plan with Users (internal users), the recipient needs to be added as a GS User into the GS User object (in MDA). For more information on how a GS user can be added, refer to the Gainsight User Object article. Success Plans can be shared with anyone who’s been added to the GS User object, regardless of Gainsight or Salesforce license status. By default, all Success Plans are marked for internal sharing (with users).
  • For sharing with Contacts (external customer contacts), the recipient needs to be added as a Person into the GS Person object model. For more information on how to to add external users (external SFDC contacts), refer to Bulk Load Account Contacts for C360 and Success Plan Sharing and Gainsight Person Object Model.
  1. Enter a subject and note in the Subject and Note fields respectively. By default, the subject is “<success plan name> for <customer>”.

share with users - 6.png

  1. Click SEND.

Icons and Descriptions



sharing icon - 3.png

Indicates that sharing has been enabled for external contacts (in addition to internal users)

internal icon - 7.png

Indicates that sharing has been enabled only for internal users

upload icon - 8.png

Enables you to share plan with users or contacts

View the Success Plan

When the Success Plan is shared, a notification is sent to the recipient's email address. The email notification may include a link expiration date and OTP verification. Recipients will perform the following steps to access the Success Plan:

  1. Click the Click here to view button in the email notification.

otp 9.png


  • Admin modifies the shared active links, revokes access, and performs actions to manage the layouts and links shared. When recipients click "Click here to view" to access a link that has been revoked,  they’ll be asked to contact the person who shared the link to request a valid link.
  • In case the link is expired or OTP access is invalid, the same message is displayed.
  • In both cases mentioned above, recipients need to contact the person (CSM/AM) who shared the link.
  • If your admin did not enable the OTP option, you will be able to share the Success Plan as a link with others who are outside of Gainsight and Salesforce. You can either forward the email you have received (OR) you can also copy the URL and send it via email and email assist.
  1. Click SEND to request an OTP password to be sent to the registered email ids.

otp verif 10.png

  1. Check the mail inbox. Recipients will receive an email that contains the One Time Password.

otp email 11.png

IMPORTANT: This One Time Password is time sensitive and will expire in case of repeated unsuccessful attempts. Recipients should reinitiate the access request in case the OTP is expired.

  1. Enter the OTP to access the link.

otp verif 12.png

  1. If recipients do not receive the OTP, they should click RESEND.

Note: The OTP is valid for 5 minutes. If it expires, the recipients need to send a request to the CSM/AM to share the Success Plan again.

  1. Click VALIDATE. The shared Success Plan is displayed.

shared plan - 13.png

For information on how admins can configure a Success Plan for sharing, see the Configure Success Plan for Sharing article.

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