Tutorial Overview

This tutorial demonstrates how to identify customers without a Success Plan, using Data Designer. Once the dataset is created, you can report on it to see the results and take necessary actions. After you identify the customers without a Success Plan, you can create rules using Rules Engine to trigger CTAs.

Identify Customers without a Success Plan

To identify customers without a success Plan in Data Designer:

  1. Navigate to Administrator > Data Designer.
  2. Create the following two datasets with the accompanying fields:
  • CTA Group: Select the Record ID and Account ID fields in the dataset, and rename Record ID’s display name to Success Plan ID (for clarity).
  • Account: Select the Account ID and Account Name fields in the dataset.

For more information on how to create a Dataset, refer to the Create Datasets in Data Designer article.

  1. Click the ellipsis menu of CTA Group and select Transform.
  • Select the Group By checkbox of Account ID.
  • Select COUNT_DISTINCT of Name for Success Plan ID field.
  1. Click Save.
  1. Click the ellipsis menu of Account dataset and select Merge > Transform.
  • In the Joins tab, click Left Join.
  • Select Account ID for Account and Account ID for Transform.
  1. Click the Fields tab.
  2. Uncheck Account ID under Transform.
  3. Click the Filters tab.
  4. Click Add filter.
  • Field: Select Transform:: Count Distinct of Success Plan ID in this field.
  • Operator: Select is null as an Operator.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Preview/eye icon of the Merged Data to preview the number of Success Plans per Account. You can click the Analysis tab to create and view the report of companies without a Success Plan.

Create Report of Companies without Success Plan

To create a report of companies without success plan in Data Designer:

  1. Click the Analysis tab.

      Note: System will display a pop up page to associate design with a Dataset,  Click Run now.

  1. Drag and drop Account Name and COUNT of Success Plan ID from Fields to Show Me section.
  2. Click Add filter in the top right corner of the page. Filters window is displayed.
  3. Click Add filter.
  4. Select COUNT_DISTINCT of Name in the field and select is null as Operator.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click the Analyse button.
  7. Click Save Report to enter the name of the report and save it.

      For more information on how to create Reports, refer to the Build Reports to Explore Data article.

Create Rules for triggering CTA

To create Rules for triggering CTA for the creation of Success Plans for Customers who do not have Success plan through Rules Engine:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Rules Engine.
  2. Click +RULE.
  3. In Create Rule tab, enter the following:
  • Rule Type: By default, BIONIC is selected.
  • Rule For: By default, Account is selected.
  • Rule Name: Enter “Trigger CTA for no Success Plan” name.
  • (optional) Folder: Select the appropriate folder.
  • (optional) Description: Enter description.
  1. Click NEXT. Setup Rule page is displayed.

In Setup Rule tab

Perform the following actions:

  • Create a CTA Group and Account datasets
  • Transform the CTA Group dataset
  • Merge Account dataset with Transform

Create CTA Group and Account Datasets

To create CTA Group and Account Datasets:

  1. Click +Task and select Dataset.
  2. By default, Salesforce in the Data Source field.
  3. Select CTA Group in the Source Object field.
  4. Drag and drop CTA Group ID and Account ID from CTA Group to Show field.
  5. Click cog icon of CTA Group::Id and rename Output Field Label to Success Plan ID.
  6. Click cog icon of CTA Group::Account and rename Output Field Label to Account ID.
  7. Enter CTA Group in the Task Name.
  8. Click SAVE.
    Note: Click the arrow beside the Task Name to go back to the Setup Rule page.

Similarly, create an Account dataset with Account ID and Account Name fields and rename Account ID’s Output Field Label to Account ID.  For more information, refer to the Create Dataset in Data Designer article.

Transform the CTA Group Dataset

To transform CTA Group dataset:

  1. Click +Task and select Transformation.
  2. Select CTA Group dataset in the Source object field.
  3. Click CTA Group to expand the dropdown to display items.
  4. Drag and drop Account ID to GroupBy field.
  5. Drag and drop Success Plan ID to Show field and select Count_Distinct of Success Plan ID.
  6. Enter Transform in the Task Name field.
  7. Click SAVE.
  8. Click the arrow beside the Task Name to go back to the Setup Rule page.

Merge Account Dataset with Transform

To merge Account dataset with Transform:

  1. Click +Task and select Merge.
  2. In Criteria section,
  • Select Account in the Select Source object field.
  • Select Transform in the Select Target object field.
  • Select Retain all records from the left dataset in the Select Join Type field.
  • Select Account ID in the Select Source field.
  • Select Account ID in the Select Target field.
  1. In Show Fields section, Uncheck Account ID under Account.
  2. Enter Account with No Success Plan in the Task Name field.
  3. Click SAVE.
  4. Click Setup Action tab.

In Setup Action tab

  1. Click +Action and select Accounts with No Success Plan.
  2. In Call to Action section,
  1. In the Criteria section, click +CRITERIA.
  • Select Success Plan ID in the criteria field.
  • Select = as operator in the respective field.
  • Select the null checkbox.
  1. Click SAVE and then RUN NOW to trigger CTA for companies which do not have a Success Plan.