Success Plans must be enabled by your Admin to display on the C360/R360 page. Success Plans help CSMs monitor and drive success with individual customers based on objectives and criteria that they define. Success Plans use a Call to Action (CTA) type called Objectives. Admins can create Success Plan templates with Objective CTAs and Playbooks that are mapped to the Objective. Success Plans may be composed of one or more Objective CTAs, and may include associated Tasks, either manually created or applied through Playbooks. For an overview of Success Plans, watch the video Intro to Success Plans.

To enable the Success Plans feature, Admins need to do the following steps:

Configure Success Plan Types

To Configure Success Plan Types:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Success Plans.  For every Success Plan type, you may customize the Plan Info layout page. Similarly, for every Success Plan type, you may create one or more templates for use with that plan type.

Plan Types

  1. Select Account or Relationship, depending on which one you want to create Success Plans for. (If you choose Relationship, you will be prompted to select a Relationship Type to associate the Success Plan configuration with.)
  2. Under Success Plan Type, click + Type to create new Success Plan types. Example types include Joint (to be shared with the customer), Internal, and Corporate. Note: plan types cannot be deleted once they’re in use within a Success Plan.
  3. In the New Success Plan Type window, enter the desired Name; then click Save & Configure Success Plan Info Layout for configuring the success plan info fields. You can also click on the pencil icon of an existing Success Plan Type to open the Success Plan Info Configuration page.

Note: For configuring Success Plan Info Layout, you must have 'Modify All Data' and ‘Customize Application’ permissions at the SFDC profile level.

New SP Template.png

Configure the Success Plan Layout

To Configure the Success Plan Layout:

  1. Some Success Plan fields are available by default. Click the Gear icon to mark fields as Editable by the end user in Search Configuration dialog box.

plan info layout.png

Additionally, you can change the Field labels. Then click Save. (Note: Modified field labels will appear in the Success Plan on the C360, but when you build reports, the fields will be available with their original field names.)

  1. Drag-and-drop fields from Customer Info and Account objects in Drop here.
  2. (Optional) Click +Field to create new fields as per your requirement. These fields will be stored in the CTA Group object and are available for reporting in the Reports Builder. You will need the 'Customize Application' and 'Modify All Data' permissions at the profile level. For more information on how to create new fields, refer to the Create New Fields section.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the Success Plan Info Field Configuration page.
  4. (Optional) You may re-name the sections (ie. Details and Other) as well as create additional sections within the Plan Info page.

Create New Fields

To create new fields, you need the Customize Application and Modify All Data permissions at the profile level. Contact your SFDC Admin if you don't have these permissions, or if you're unable to add new fields. 

  1. Click + Field.
  2. Select the appropriate field type from Select field type.
  • New field Name character limit: 40
  • Text type field character limit: 255 (i.e. 255 characters data can be captured in text fields)

  • TextArea type field character limit: 8000
  1. Enter appropriate field label in Enter label.
  2. Enter appropriate API name in Enter API name.
  3. Click Create. A new field is created in the CTA Group object.
  4. To add your new field to the Plan Info page, you must drag and drop it into the relevant section, and click Save.

Note: In case you are unable to find an appropriate field type in Select field type, click the here link. This link takes you to the Salesforce page (New Custom Field) where you can create a new custom field.


Configure Search and Filter criteria for lookup fields

To configure a lookup field:

  1. Create a lookup field.

    1. Click the Edit icon in any of the Success Plan type sections. Success Plan Info Field Configuration is displayed.
    2. Click +FIELD to create a new field. Create New Field dialog box is displayed.


  1. Select the field type as Lookup.
  2. Select a lookup object from the available options.
  3. Enter a value in label and API Name.
  4. Click CREATE to add the new field or click CANCEL.
  1. Drag and drop this field into the Details section as displayed in the following image:


  1. Click the Gear icon. A Configuration window is displayed for the relevant field.
  2. Click +ADD to add the Search Fields as required.
  3. Click +FILTER to add the FILTERS as required.

Note: Search and Filter criteria is displayed for only lookup fields.


  1. Click SAVE to save the configuration or click CANCEL.

Create New Categories

Under Objective Category, click + Category to create new Objective Categories. Some categories are available out-of-the-box, including Research, Marketing, Business Development, Revenue, Relationship, Partner, Customer Success, Remove Barrier, and Other. To edit an existing category name, double-click the category name to edit it, and click the disk icon to Save. You may add unlimited categories. Categories are particularly useful for Success Plan reporting.


  • A category cannot be deleted once it is in use within a Success Plan.
  • You can have different objective categories for different success plan types and you can also utilize categories that are common across Success Plan Types.


Create Success Plan Templates

Before Admins can create a Success Plan Template, you must configure at least one Success Plan Type.

To Create a Success Plan Template:

1. Go to Administration > Success Plans > Success Plan Template.

2. Click + Add Template.


3. In the Add Success Plan Template dialog, enter or select the following details:

  • Name: The name of the success plan template
  • Type: Select the appropriate success plan type

4. Click Save.


5. On Success Plan Templates page, click + Add Objective; then enter appropriate details in the fields for the objective CTA. Custom fields that the Admin configured for the objective CTA detail view are also available.

Note: For the Owner field, type in the appropriate Account Owner or Success Plan Owner field from your org, and the actual name will be dynamically replaced when the template is applied to a Success Plan. 

Account Owner:

SP Owner.png

6. Click the down arrow to Map Playbook to the Success Plan template.


  • Mapping Playbooks with tasks are the only way to add tasks to a Success Plan. Playbooks cannot be edited in Success Plan configuration. Changes to Playbooks must be made in Cockpit > Playbooks, and then the changes will be reflected in the Success Plan template.
  • Ensure that you create an objective type of playbook before mapping.

To make changes to the Template at any time, return to Success Plan Configuration > Success Plan Templates > and click the Edit (pencil icon).

Add Success Plan section to C360/R360

To add a Success Plan section to C360/R360:

  1. For C360
    1. Navigate to Administration > C360 Layouts, and select the relevant layout. 
    2. Click the edit icon (pencil) on the Success Plans section. 
    3. Drag the Success Plan section and drop on the middle pane. 
    4. Click the Customer 360 checkbox to show in C360 page. 
    5. Click Save.
  2. For R360 
    1. Navigate to Administration > Relationships.
    2. Click the Gear icon of an existing relationship type.
    3. Go to 360 Layouts
    4. Select your layout and click the Edit icon. 
    5. Go to Sections and drag-and-drop Success Plans from under Sections to the middle pane. 

Users will now see the Success Plans section in the C360 page for individual customers. For information on how an end user will setup a success plan, refer to the Create Success Plans in the C360 section.

Enable Chatter in Success Plans

To enable Chatter within Success Plans, navigate to Setup > Feed Tracking, and select the CTA Group object on the left. Then check Enable Feed Tracking. Temporarily, you must also select the Account object on the left, and Enable Feed Tracking. This issue will be resolved in a future release.


From the Collaboration page of Success Plans, users can share and view Chatter posts specific to a Success Plan. These posts are only visible within the Success Plan.


Configure Success Plans for the Relationship 360 (R360)

To configure Success Plans for the Relationship 360 (R360)

1. Navigate to Administration > Success Plans; then select Relationship.

Select Relationship.gif

2. Configure Success Plan types, including customizing the plan info layout's information fields, creating objective categories, and optionally creating Success Plan templates and enabling Chatter at the Success Plan level.

3. Add a Success Plan section to R360

Add Success Plan Section to R360

To add a Success Plan section to R360:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Relationships.
  2. Click the Gear icon of an existing relationship type.
  3. Drag-and-drop Success Plans from under Sections to 360 view.

Add Success Plans to R360.gif

  1. Navigate to Customers > [click on the desired customer] > Relationships > [Click on an existing relationship].

Success Plans in R360.gif

Exporting R360 Success Plans as PPT

You can export Success Plans as a PPT using the Export Plan as PPT option as shown in the image below.

Export as PPT.gif