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Overview of Sightline Vault

This article introduces Gainsight’s Sightline Vault feature. For a quick preview of Sightline Vault, watch this video.


Gainsight’s Sightline Vault provides access to pre-configured solutions built by Gainsight and the broader Gainsight community that help you effectively utilize Gainsight features and incorporate best practices into your Gainsight instance with the click of a button. This not only allows you to see value faster, but significantly reduces the amount of time and effort your team spends setting up/configuring Gainsight.

A simple algorithm automatically configures a predefined set of assets – such as Reports, Rules or Scorecards – which your admin can select and deploy in a matter of minutes. You can easily update or adjust this configuration after the asset is deployed, if needed.

Similar to the way each product feature at Gainsight is enhanced incrementally & iteratively, Gainsight’s product team will continue to improve the user experience. New Solutions will be added on a regular basis to the Gainsight Vault by: Gainsight and Gainsight Community (Gainsight Customer and Partners).

SV Main.png

  1. Solution Category: All the solutions in Sightline Vault are distributed into appropriate categories.
  2. Solution: A solution consists of predefined set of assets (such as Reports, Rules or Scorecards) which your admin can select and deploy in a matter of minutes
  3. Search: Find a solution by its name and description in the Sightline Vault.
  4. Filter: Filter the solutions by tags, type of assets and publisher name to find the required solution. Search a solution by its name or publisher, and then filter the search results to find the required solution.
  5. Submit Solution Idea: Admins can submit an idea for new solutions or to enhance the existing solution available in the Gainsight Sightline Vault. For more information, refer to the Submit a Solution Idea section in Install a Solution in Sightline Vault article.

Components of a Solution

The Details page of a solution provides various details of a solution such as Key benefits, publisher details, Configuration assets, Documentation and Install logs. Solution details provides the following details of a solution:


  1. Solution Name: Displays the Solution name.
  2. Publisher: Publisher name of the solution.
  3. Category: Category name of the solution.
  4. Overview: It contains description and key benefits of the solution.
  5. Assets: An “asset” is a specific configuration of a Gainsight feature. Assets are the backbone of a Solution. When you deploy a Solution, the selected assets are automatically created in your Gainsight org. Rules, Reports, Objects and Fields, and Programs are some of the assets which can be found in a Solution. You can select to install all of the assets or a subset of them. The number of assets (Rules, Reports, etc.) that will be created after deploying a Solution is displayed.

In the below image, the Solution has 29 assets. The Add Dropdown lists in MDA and Add Fields to Company MDA Object have 3 and 4 assets; this implies that if you deploy this Solution, four new Objects and seven new Fields are created in your Gainsight org. To know which four Objects/fields, just click the Add Dropdown lists in MDA/Add Fields to Company MDA Object.

Note: You can Preview Email templates, Playbook and Rules before installing the solution.


  1. Documentation: The Document section displays all of the deployment related information about the Solution. Following details associated with a solution will be available in the Documentation section:
  • Deployment Instructions: A set of guidelines to be followed pre- and post-deployment.
  • Tech Documentation: A set of prerequisites and post deployment requirements for each Solution.
    • Element Definition Slides: You can Preview or Download information about the Solution.
    • Configuration Slides: You can Preview or Download a slide deck that explains the assets in detail and how they relate to each other.
    • Asset Configuration Details: You can Download a spreadsheet containing the list of assets.


  1. Install Logs: The Install Logs section displays the logs related to deployment of the Solution. You can view the details of all the previous deployments of the particular Solution, if any. This section has following four fields:
  • Name: The name of the Solution.
  • Start Date: The date on which the deployment started.
  • Status: The current status of the deployment. This can be In Queue, In Progress, Success or Failed.
  • Owner: The User who started the deployment.


You can click on the required log to view and download the following log details of a particular deployment:


  • Asset Download Status: You can view all the assets which were deployed and their individual status of deployment.


  • Details Log: You can view additional log details in this section.


Note: You can click Download Logs to download a spreadsheet containing all logs for a particular deployment, only if the status of the deployment is either success or failure.

Following image is a screenshot of sample spreadsheet containing all logs for a particular deployment.


  1. Get Started: Click Get Started to install a Solution.
  2. Description: Displays details fo the Solution.
  3. Key Benefits: You can view all the benefits of the solution.

Configuration Stage

Select the configuration stage of the Solution:

  • Full Version (x.x): Selecting this stage will configure all the assets of the Solution. (This option is available only in Elements.)
  • Onboarding Version (x.x): Selecting this stage will configure only a few important assets of the Solution. (This option is available only in Elements.)
  • Pre AE Configuration: Select this to view assets that are prerequisites for a Solution. (This option is only available in AE Solutions.)
  • Post AE Configuration: Select this to view assets that are needed post deployment of a Solution. (This option is only available in AE Solutions.)
  • Configuration assets: Details of the assets such as Rules, Reports, Custom objects that are part of the solution.


Solution Vault in Action

The following image represents a typical workflow to use the Sightline Vault feature:


My Solutions

This section contains the installed Solutions for an individual org in the following two categories:

  • Solutions by Gainsight Community: This category contains the downloaded Solutions built by the Gainsight community.
  • Solutions by Gainsight: This category contains the downloaded Solutions built by the Gainsight.


Additional Resources

For more information about Sightline Vault, refer to:

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