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Create Habits Report using Scorecard 2.0

Documentation for Opt-In Orgs

Customer orgs who have opted-in for the latest UI upgrades can find the documentation here.

This article explains admins on how to create a Scorecard habits report. A Habits Report allows you to review your customer’s health scores. This report displays the trends with reference to your configured grading scheme. To create this report, select either Account Scorecard History or Relationship Scorecard History as your source object, depending on whether you use Relationships in your org.


  • Starting with the 6.22 release, early access to new options for scorecard reports and dashboards, called Scorecard Widgets, will be rolled-out in phases to the existing Horizon Analytics preview phase participants. Scorecard Widgets have enhanced capabilities and tools designed specifically for scorecard data. For more information on Scorecard Widgets or Horizon Analytics, refer to Scorecard Widgets Overview or Horizon Analytics, respectively.
  • Gainsight recommends you must have a filter that selects a specific Scorecard.

To create a Habits Report:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder.
  2. Click + REPORT. The Report Builder page opens in a new tab.
  3. Enter a name for the report.
  4. Select Account Scorecard History or Relationship Scorecard History as the source object.
  5. Select Scorecard Habits from the Report Type drop-down menu.

    When you select the Habits report, the following fields are selected by default
  • Show me: Count of company Id
  • By: Snapshot Date and Overall Score
  • Filter: Results are filtered to display any one scorecard.


  • You can add or delete the fields as required. 
  • It is mandatory to include either the Overall Score or an individual Measure field in the By section.


  1. Add the following filters:
    1. Scorecard Name = Retain or replace the existing scorecard.
    2. Snapshot Date = Current Quarter.
    3. Score does not equal Null.
  2. Click APPLY.
  3. Click RUN. The report is displayed as shown below.

Scorecard Habits Report.png

Auto Grouping of Scorecards in Filters

When you filter Scorecards in a Habits report, you can see that all the Scorecards are grouped according to their Scoring scheme.  This is a unique feature in Habits report. 



Currently, Gainsight does not support Heat map and Packed bubble visualizations in Habits report.