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Scorecard 1.0 Retirement FAQs

Now that Gainsight offers Scorecards 2.0 to address all of your needs, we are planning to retire the Scorecard 1.0 feature. This article explains our plans, FAQs, and approximate timelines.

With the v6.18 release we announced the sunset of the Scorecard 1.0 feature. 

After the retirement announcement, can I still create 1.0 Scorecards? 

Yes, Scorecard 1.0 configurations can still be created but with a full retirement planned as part of the 6.22 release, we strongly recommend not creating any new Scorecard 1.0 configurations.

Will my existing Scorecard 1.0 still work? 

Yes, they will continue to work as before. 

Can I edit my existing 1.0 Scorecards after the v6.18 release? 

Yes, you will be able to edit existing 1.0 Scorecards.

What is the overall timeline for retiring Scorecard 1.0?

We will completely shut down Scorecard 1.0 as part of the 6.22 release.

How do I migrate existing 1.0 Scorecards to 2.0? 

If you're interested in migrating from Account and Relationship Scorecards 1.0 to Scorecards 2.0, please contact We have an internal utility available to support this process.

Will you continue to make enhancements or bug fixes in Scorecards 1.0?

We will no longer make enhancements or fix any bugs in Scorecard 1.0.

How is Scorecards 2.0 different from Scorecard 1.0?  

Scorecards 2.0 is built on Gainsight's cutting edge Matrix Data Architecture (MDA) technology and is much more powerful and efficient than its Scorecards 1.0. Scorecards 2.0 allow you to set up multiple Scorecards thus enabling you to use different measures for different companies, as required.

For more information on Scorecards 2.0, refer to the Scorecards 2.0 Intro article.


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