Want to try a new version of Scorecards?
An advanced version of Scorecards known as Scorecards 2.0 is now available. This version of Scorecard is built on Gainsight's cutting edge Matrix Data Architecture (MDA) technology and is much more powerful and efficient than its Scorecards 1.0. Scorecards 2.0 allow you to setup multiple Scorecards thus enabling you to use different measures for different companies, as required. You can use the following resources to get started with Scorecards 2.0


Scorecards are a key feature in Gainsight that allow you to grade the health of your customers. Click here to find the Scorecard Sample Workbook. This workbook is a simple but handy way to start thinking about how Scorecards could help provide a consistent view of the health of all your customers.

Once you know what measures you would like to track you can learn how to setup and configure Scorecards by clicking here.