Want to try a new version of Scorecards?
An advanced version of Scorecards known as Scorecards 2.0 is now available. This version of Scorecard is built on Gainsight's cutting edge Matrix Data Architecture (MDA) technology and is much more powerful and efficient than its Scorecards 1.0. Scorecards 2.0 allow you to setup multiple Scorecards thus enabling you to use different measures for different companies, as required. You can use the following resources to get started with Scorecards 2.0


Note 8/16/18: The Risk Management Frameworks represents a set of best practices that is evolving into Elements. You're welcome to reach out to your Gainsight CSM to learn more about Elements, and/or click here

This recording explains Gainsight's risk management framework. 

How Gainsight Uses Scorecards & CTAs

In this blog, the Gainsight VP of Customer Success explains the risk management framework that informs how we setup our own health scorecards.

Gainsight's Escalation Process & Executive Sponsor Program

A related blog post explains our internal process for escalation, which is also tied to our executive sponsor program.

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Specific instructions for setting up the rules to support the risk management framework.