We have a plan to retire Scorecards 1.0 by February 15, 2021. After February 15th, users will not have access to the Scorecards 1.0 feature. Customers using this feature are requested to upgrade to 2.0 by that time. You can use the following resources to know about our plans, FAQs, and get started with Scorecards 2.0.


Relationship Scorecards lets you view the overall score for each relationship in a Card view or a List view.

The following image depicts how Relationship Scorecards look in the List view.

The following image describes how Relationship Scorecards look in the Card view.


  • Overall score is automatically updated, if there is any change.
  • The list view is only available for Relationship Scorecards.
  1. In the List view, click the Scorecard label (Scorecard column) to sort scores present under the Scorecard column in an ascending or descending fashion.

The following image depicts the Numeric scorecard sorted in a descending fashion:

The following image depicts the Grade scorecard sorted in an ascending fashion:

The following image depicts how scorecards are searchable. In the below image, we searched for Yellow color scorecards. Color scorecards are sorted alphabetically according to the color name. For example, if the scorecards are arranged in an ascending fashion, Red colored scorecards would appear before Yellow scorecards.


Manually Update Measure Scores in Relationship 360

For end users to update measure scores in the relationship 360:

1. Go to Customers > [Click on existing customer] > Relationships > [Click an existing relationship type] > Scorecard.

2. Click on the measure icon and use the slider to change the measure value.

3. (Optional) You can change the slider and then click RENEW SCORE to save the new score. In addition, you can click REMOVE SCORE to remove a score.

Note: Users will see overall score updates, if the option to dynamically update the overall score based on edits to the measure scores is enabled by the Admin.