We have a plan to retire Scorecards 1.0 by February 15, 2021. After February 15th, users will not have access to the Scorecards 1.0 feature. Customers using this feature are requested to upgrade to 2.0 by that time. You can use the following resources to know about our plans, FAQs, and get started with Scorecards 2.0.


This article provides instructions on how to update scorecards for individual customers on the C360/R360 page, as well as in a group using Gainsight Dashboards or using Mass-edit View. Scorecards provide a systematic method for measuring customer health as a whole, and according to specific measures. Scorecards are configured by the Gainsight Admin. Scorecard measures are custom for every organization, but typically these measures are based on data from product usage, support tickets, engagement data, NPS® or survey data, or the input entered manually by a CSM.


Update Individual Scorecard Measures

Navigate to the Scorecard section in C360/R360.

  1. Click on a measure under a group. The Update Measure dialog appears.


Set a score using the slider or use the UP and DOWN arrows on your keyboard. A scoring scale appears and you can drag the circle on the scale to update the score. Depending on the measure, additional information may display that helps explain the current score.

  1. After setting a score, click SAVE SCORE to save the new score. 
  2. Click ESC or Close (X) to close the update scores dialog.

1. Click RENEW SCORE to automatically refresh the score based on available data and business rules that control that particular measure.

2. You can click REMOVE SCORE if you find the particular score is not relevant. 

Update Scorecards through Gainsight Dashboards

The Gainsight Homepage contains customized dashboards that display sets of reports. Your Gainsight Admin may have specifically configured a Scorecards Dashboard for viewing and editing, or the Scorecard report may be displayed as part of your My Customers Dashboard. In either case, you will see a table view of customer data with the overall health score and individual health measures displayed.

  1. Double-click a cell to display the scoring scale. You can drag the circle on the scale to update the score.
  2. Click SAVE SCORE to save your changes, or click X to cancel. Alternatively, click RENEW SCORE to automatically refresh the score based on available data and business rules that control that particular measure.
    Note: the overall health score will be adjusted according to the weighting system in place for the measures.
  3. Click the column header name (for example, Overall Health, Sponsor, Reference as shown in the image above) to sort by ascending/descending values.
  4. Use filters at the top of the columns to quickly locate a specific customer, or to filter for customers with upcoming renewal dates, for example.
  5. To add comments about a measure, click the Comments checkbox in the upper right corner. An editable field for comments is displayed for each measure in the table.
  6. To add goals for a customer, click the Goals checkbox next to the Comments checkbox. An editable field for goals is displayed for each measure in the table.
  7. (Optional) Click Filter (funnel icon) to create an advanced filter, or click Export to export the table to Excel.
    Note: When you click the Customer name on the left, you will be navigated to the Customer 360 view.

Mass-edit Scorecard Measures from Report Builder

Along with updating scorecards from a dashboard you also have the option to mass-edit scorecard measures from Report Builder. For more information, see update scorecards by mass-editing from Report Builder.


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