We have a plan to retire Scorecards 1.0 by February 15, 2021. After February 15th, users will not have access to the Scorecards 1.0 feature. Customers using this feature are requested to upgrade to 2.0 by that time. You can use the following resources to know about our plans, FAQs, and get started with Scorecards 2.0.


To edit scores in the Relationship Scorecard Mass Edit view:

1. Navigate to the Gainsight Home page, and then select the dashboard view designated for the Scorecard Mass Edit View.

2. In the view, click on the existing score and modify and save the score manually. This automatically changes the overall score. For more information, refer to Relationship Scorecards.


  • Export and Chart Visualization options are unavailable.
  • An exclamation icon next to a score represents a stale score. Scores have a validity period as defined in Scorecard configuration. A score is considered stale if it has not been modified or renewed beyond the validity period.
  • An automated measure cannot be updated using the scorecard mass edit view.

View Score Comments   

You can view the comments associated with measures in dashboards by clicking the settings gear > Chart Options > Show Comments ON.