Want to try a new version of Scorecards?
An advanced version of Scorecards known as Scorecards 2.0 is now available. This version of Scorecard is built on Gainsight's cutting edge Matrix Data Architecture (MDA) technology and is much more powerful and efficient than its Scorecards 1.0. Scorecards 2.0 allow you to setup multiple Scorecards thus enabling you to use different measures for different companies, as required. You can use the following resources to get started with Scorecards 2.0


Occasionally during the initial implementation of Scorecards, a customer might need to remove their existing measures and any data associated with them, and start clean. You may use any DataLoader to perform these steps.

IMPORTANT: Once data is deleted it is unretrievable, unless a backup was made prior. Make sure to follow these steps carefully, especially to UPDATE customer info. These steps will clear ALL scorecards.

Scorecard Fact

Step 1: Query the ScorecardFact Object (JBCXM__ScorecardFact_c) and Grab: Record ID

Step 2: Delete from ScorecardFact Object by Record ID. 

Scorecard Customer Info

Step 1: Query the Customer Info Object (JBCXM__CustomerInfo_c)

Grab: Record ID, JBCXM__CurScoreId__c, JBCXM__PrevScoreId__c, JBCXM__ScorecardComment__c


  • Make sure JBCXMCurScoreID_c, JBCXM__PrevScoreID__c, JBCXM__ScorecardComment__c columns are blank.
  • Before updating by RecordID make sure that your dataloader has “Insert Null Values” checked.

Scorecard History

Step 1: Query the Scorecard History (IF Applicable) (JBCXM__ScorecardHistory__c)

Grab: Record ID

Step 2: Delete from Scorecard History Object by Record ID