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Gainsight Notifications in Slack

This article explains about how the GS notifications are received in Slack.


Gainsight sends important notifications about the companies users are following through Slack. By default, all the notifications that are supported in Mobile are turned ON. For more information on notifications supported in mobile, refer to the Gainsight Mobile Overview article.

Note: Gainsight notifications are only sent for the customers who have set-up a Slack workspace for Sally.

Notification Settings

Users can only modify their Slack preferences through Slack by typing ‘Settings in Gainsight Sally’ in Slack. After typing this, users receive the Notification settings message for all the companies and relationships they are following. 

From the Notification settings, users can select Yes/No for the following main events available for subscription in Slack Channel:

  • Company Intelligence
  • Timeline activities, such as:
    • Mentions in an activity
    • Comments on your activity
    • Mentions in a comment

Notifications in Slack

After selecting the Slack preferences, users must follow the company for which they want to receive notifications in Slack. If a user from a Slack channel follows a company on behalf of the channel, the notifications for those companies are sent in the channel.

To follow companies through Slack using a query:

  • Users can follow each company individually in Slack using follow <company name> query. For example, <<Follow xyz company>>.


Once users follow the company, they will start receiving notifications regarding the events for which they have subscribed. For example, if you are mentioned in xyz Timeline activity, the following notification is received in Slack.


  • Users can follow or unfollow multiple companies in Slack using follow all companies or unfollow all companies query respectively. The query returns a list of accessible companies as a direct message. Users can then select the checkbox next to each company to follow or clear the checkbox to unfollow.

IMPORTANT: The Timeline activity notifications are received even if the user does not follow that particular company in Slack.

The following is the example of a GS notification if a user selects for Company Intelligence preference in settings and follow that company in Slack.


If you click the name of the CTA or Company, the users are navigated to that particular CTA on the Cockpit page and C360 page of that customer respectively. From Slack, at the bottom of each notification, they can click the Settings icon to modify the default notification settings.

IMPORTANT: Users can view the responses for the Notification settings from Slack directly in the threads. 


Users can respond to the Timeline entry or comment directly from Slack without logging into the Gainsight application. The responses must be provided in the thread for that particular Timeline notification. All the responses from Slack are recorded as comments. Users can also perform edits and @mentions actions to the comments from Slack. 


  • The message gets truncated after it crosses the 4000 character limit.
  • Attachments are not supported in Timeline comments while responding from Slack.


Users can view the complete Timeline activity note or comment in Slack. 


The Gainsight notifications in Slack for Surveys responses also include user's responses for all the questions submitted along with the survey, company, and respondent names. By default, responses for only two questions are displayed at a time in Slack. However, click Load Next to view the next set of answers.

Users can also click the Notifications Settings option after every notification they receive to edit their Slack preferences directly in the threads. 


Users also have Like or Dislike options to provide feedback on the notification details. If they click the Like option, a ‘Thank You’ message appears. If they click the Dislike option, an optional Share your feedback here comment dialog appears. Feedback is shared with the Gainsight product team to help improve the feature.


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