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Gainsight Notifications in Microsoft Teams

This article explains how you can receive Gainsight notifications in Microsoft Teams.


You can receive Gainsight notifications in Sally whenever an event is triggered. Gainsight notifications keep you updated about the Companies you follow.

Business Use Cases: 

Users receive notifications in Microsoft Teams when: 

  • A CTA is created, or updated.
  • An end-user submits a survey response. 
  • Success Plan due date is changed. 

You can receive the following Gainsight notifications in Microsoft Teams:

  • For the customers, I follow
  • Timeline
  • CTA/Task/Success Plan related Workflows

For more information on how to configure Gainsight notifications, refer to the Configure Notifications in Microsoft Teams section of this article.


  • The Microsoft Teams toggle switch in the Channel Subscription section must be tuned ON. You can also modify the events you want to receive notifications for in Microsoft Teams through Direct Message. 

    Note: The Microsoft Teams option in the My Settings page is only displayed to users who have set up a Microsoft Teams workspace for Sally.

  • You must follow Companies for which you want to receive notifications in Microsoft Teams.  

The following are options available for following Companies through Microsoft Teams.

  • Follow each company individually in Microsoft Teams using follow <company name> query.


  • Follow or unfollow multiple companies in Microsoft Teams using <my followed companies> query. The query returns a list of accessible companies as a direct message. You can then select the checkbox next to each company to follow or clear the checkbox to unfollow. Click Save to apply changes.

my followed .jpg

Configure Notifications in Microsoft Teams 

To configure notification settings in Microsoft Teams users can click the Notifications Settings option or use the query 'settings' in Microsoft Teams to modify the desired events subscriptions/unsubscriptions for the Microsoft Teams Channel in threads.

Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 6.53.35 PM.jpg

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to the main events in Microsoft Teams channel by selecting Yes/No from the drop-down options.

  • For the customers, I follow

  • Timeline

    IMPORTANT: You will receive Timeline activity notifications even if you do not follow that particular company in Microsoft Teams.

  • Workflow


  • By default, email preferences are considered as the default settings for Microsoft Teams.
  • The modified Notification settings in Microsoft Teams are also automatically updated in the application.

Once you follow the company, you start to receive notifications regarding the events that you have subscribed to. For example, if a CTA for xyz company has been created, the following notification is received in Microsoft Teams.


If you click the name of the CTA or Company, you are navigated to that particular CTA on the Cockpit page and C360 page for the selected customer respectively. At the bottom of each notification, you can click the Settings icon to modify the default notification settings.

You can view the complete Timeline activity note, or comment in the notification.


The Gainsight notifications in Microsoft Teams for Surveys responses also include the end-user's responses for the questions submitted along with the survey, company, and respondent names. 

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