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Configure Quick Insights in Slack using Sally


In this article, you learn about the Quick Insights feature in Gainsight Sally and how Admins can define insights which can be used for advanced querying in Sally. With Gainsight Sally, your company can access real-time customer insights sitting inside Gainsight org within Slack. The Quick Insights feature takes this ability further and makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible to Sally users. 

The following diagram depicts the high level workflow of an Admin using the Quick Insights Feature.

1. Feature.png

Gainsight introduces the Quick Insights feature which helps users access more specific information by simply typing Quick Insight in the chat window as shown in the following images.

 2. SImply.png QI in slack-updated.gif

For more information, refer to the Quick Insights in Slack using Sally (For End-Users) article.

What is Quick Insights and why use them?

A Quick Insights is a powerful way of giving access rich data insights to the end users from Sally. It is essentially a report tailored to the presentation needs and constraints of Sally channels like Slack. Admins can configure reports as Quick Insights and end-users can use them from Sally for richer data access than possible today. For example, Show the list of high priority cases which were flagged at high risk. To bridge that gap, Gainsight introduces the Quick Insights feature which helps users access the specific information just by typing ‘Quick Insights’ in the chat window.

Quick Insights can be created by Admins from Administration > Sally > Quick Insights which is a standard insights builder interface to assist in creating insights. For detailed information, refer to the Create Quick Insights section in this article.

Target Audience

This feature is primarily intended for the following audience:

  • Administrators who want to create insights with specific names and criteria, insight types, configure insights, tune insight performance etc. This helps administrators to make richer insights in Gainsight data available for their end-users.
  • Sally in Slack end-users who want to easily access rich insights from Gainsight via Sally.

Create Quick Insights

Before going into the steps, let’s take a specific search item that users want to view in Slack via Gainsight Sally. The following sub-sections help you in understanding how you create and configure Quick Insights for your end-users to search for information in Slack using Sally to work more effectively.

Limitation: The report configured in the Quick Insight does not get automatically or manually updated when the same report is modified in the Report Builder page. 'An Exception Occurred' error message appears when the modified report type Quick Insight is queried in Slack. 

Create a Report

To create a Report that can be used in Quick Insights:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Report Builder > +REPORT.
  2. Configure the report as shown in the following image.
  3. Name the report as My Customers (example).
  4. Click the save icon on the top right corner.

4. Save.png

Create Insights

To create an Insight:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Sally > Quick Insights > INSIGHTS tab.
  2. Click the +INSIGHT option. The New Insight page appears.

5. QI Navigation to Insights.gif

  1. In the Insight Properties section, enter the following information:
    1. Select the Insight Type from which you want to create an Insight. For more information, refer to the Create a Quick Insights Type section in this article.
    2. Provide the Insight Name for identification.
    3. (OPTIONALLY) Provide the description for the Insight.

6. Image.png

  1. In the Data Source Configuration section, enter the following information:
    1. Select the data source in the Report Type field.
      Note: You can select the data source as MDA for the reports created on MDA objects, and SFDC for the reports created on SFDC objects. 
    2. Select the required Report to be used in Quick Insights.


  • The information in the Show FieldsBy, and Data Filters sections are automatically populated as per the data configured in the selected report in the Reports Builder page. 
  • Admins can add/remove the filters configured in the Data Filters section. But, cannot edit fields populated in the Show Fields and By sections.

7. Report new.png

Note: In the Select a Report dropdown list, you can see the list of reports created in the Report Builder page, by the Admins. The report you selected here can be seen in the Report Builder page, as shown below.

8. Report builder.gif

  1. Configure the report in the Quick Insight based on how you want your users to see the result (here it is a Table) in the VisualizationSort byLimit Number of Records, and Query Filters fields.
    Note: Admins can only add a maximum of five filters in the Query Filter fields while creating a Quick Insight.

9. visualization.gif

  1. Click SAVE.

Create a Quick Insights Type

To create  a Quick Insights Type:

  1. In the TYPES tab, click +TYPE.

10. +Table.png

  1. In the New Insight Type dialog box, enter the Insight Type Name and Description.

  1. Click SAVE to proceed.
    Note: For more information about how end-users use Quick Insights in Slack using Sally, refer to the Quick Insights in Slack using Sally (For End-Users) article.
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