This tutorial explains how to download and customize a Rule template from Vault to trigger new Calls-to-Action (CTAs) when other CTAs change state. This rule is based on the closure of the Kickoff CTA that will trigger the next CTA in the process, log a milestone to indicate the new customer is kicked off, and update the customer’s stage.

Note: You can use this process for any of the lifecycle CTAs, as it's a common practice across Customer Success organizations.

Download Rule from Vault

There are a few different rules within Vault that can be used, including:

In this tutorial, the Change Stage, Milestone, CTA for Kickoff, Launched, Adopting from Closed CTAs V1 rule are used.  The asset can also be found under:

Vault > Operationalize Customer Lifecycle > Lifecycle Design > Rules based off Opportunity

Configure and Customize the Rule

  1. After you download the Vault assets, you can review the following steps and make necessary edits to the rule according to your business processes.
  • Setup Rule - Action: Build a Bionic Rule based on Close of Kickoff CTA. For more information on Bionic Rules, refer to Getting Started with Bionic Rules.
    • Task Name: Enter the Task details as required.
    • Source Object: Call to Action
    • Show - Drag over the following fields:
      • Account::ID
      • Call to Action::Account
      • Call to Action::Account Name
      • Account::CSM
      • Call to Action::Closed Date
      • Call to Action::Reason
  • Filters - Drag over the following fields to use as filters:
    • Call to Action::Closed Date | greater or equal | Subtract N Days from Rule Date = 1
    • Call to Action::Closed Date | less or equal | Rule Date
      • This ensures the rule will run during a 24-hour window.
    • Call to Action::Reason | includes | New Customer Kickoff
  • Click SAVE.
  • Navigate to the Setup Action screen.
  1. Create a “Load to Customers” action to update the customer from “New Customer” stage to “Kicked Off”.  
  • Select “Load to Customers” under Action Type
  • Configure based on your company’s business processes.  In this case, you must create a Custom field and map your Stage (such as “Kicked-Off”)
  • Additionally, you must specify a Criteria:
    • Call To Action::Reason / includes / value / New Customer

3.   Create an action to specify the CTA settings.

  • Select “Call to Action” under Action Type
  • Configure your company’s business processes. It is recommended to use “Medium” priority, “Onboarding” reason, “Lifecycle” type, “New Customer signed on” playbook, “CSM” owner field.

4.   Track customer progress and trends across your customers by adding a second action to Load to Milestone:

  • Trigger new CTA off of Close  Milestone = New Customer; Date Subtract N Days from Rule Date 1
  • Criteria: Call to Action::Reason includes Value New Customer Kickoff

Working on challenge A7?

After you complete this exercise, you can continue to the tutorial on triggering an upcoming renewal CTA.