There are many different types of Milestones that you can apply to a customer’s journey. Within Vault, we have a multitude of rule assets that can be used to generate milestones. In this tutorial, we will use the rule asset Lay CSM Transition Milestone V1. (This asset can also be found under: Vault > Operationalize Customer Lifecycle > Lifecycle Design > Rules based off Opportunity.)

Other related rule assets in Vault include:

Step 1 - The Source Object (Campaign / Campaign Members)

This tutorial uses a campaign for which to reference a webinar.  

NOTE:  Know your data.  This tutorial is intended to demonstrate how to create a milestone and may not work in your environment.  

Other sources could work as well which container a list of people and can be mapped to a specific event.

Details about this tutorial:

  • This scenario defines an ask to create a milestone for this account based on the campaign attendance.
  • Attendance is tracked in the Campaign Member object.
  • The "Responded" field is used to show that the contact attended the webinar.
  • Create a milestone based on having at least one of a given company's team members.

Create a Campaign with Attendees

Create a Campaign with Attendees

For this example, a new campaign is created and called "Gainsight Webinar".  

Attendees are added to the list with a status of "Responded" to indicate that they intended the session.

Step 2 - Create Custom Fields on Source Object

Create an Account ID Field

To engage the Rules Engine you must make certain that the Account ID field is mapped appropriately.

Upon inspection of the Campaign or Campaign Member objects, no association with the Account or Customer Info objects can be seen.

Create a new customer field for Account Id (similar to checkbox below, so this is not shown in this example).

IMPORTANT: Once created, this field will not automatically populate.  Know your environment ... most likely this would require use of Workflows within SFDC.  This tutorial does not cover details behind this functionality.

Create a Checkbox Field

Create a Checkbox Field

Create a new custom checkbox field which will be used to ensure that the rule does not fire again.

To create the Custom Field, perform the following steps:

  • Under SFDC, select Setup >> Create >> Object:
  • Click “Campaign Manager”
  • Under “Custom Fields"
    • Click “New”
  • Step 1: Under New Custom Field
    • Select “Checkbox”
    • Click “Next”

Create a Label and Name for the Custom Field

Create a Label and Name for the Custom Field

Name the field "Attended Meeting" and leave the default value "Unchecked".  Click "Next".

Set Field Level Security

Set Field Level Security

Step 3 - Download the Rule from Vault

  1. Open and preview the appropriate rule asset (from the list at the top of the page).
  2. Preview the asset and click Configure when you are ready to proceed.

3. Map the fields to the appropriate values in your org:


4. Download the Rule.  

5. In the Rules List View, click the Inactive checkbox to view the downloaded rule.

6. Click Edit on the rule to view or modify it.

7. Click the Setup Action step along the top, and verify it is setup correctly:

  • Action Type:  Load to Milestone
  • Date: Constant
  • Add N Days to Rule Date: 0
  • Milestone: Training
  • Comments: CSM changed this week from ${CSM_Snapshot__r.Name}  to ${Account::CSM Name}

Note: Milestone comments keep appending every time the rule is run. 

8. Click Save, and Schedule the rule as needed. (Be sure to change the state of the rule from Inactive to Active when you're ready to use it.)