This tutorial explains how to use custom fields for benchmarking; specifically how to populate Benchmark ARR value for each customer automatically using the Rules Engine. This Benchmark ARR value can be compared with the actual ARR of a customer to create Opportunity CTAs for Upsell, in case the actual ARR of a customer is less than the Benchmark ARR. For example, if the Benchmark ARR is $20,000 and the actual ARR of a customer is $8000, which is less than the Benchmark ARR of $20,000, then you can write a rule to create Opportunity CTAs for Upsell.

Note: Benchmark ARR is calculated based on the ARR or ASV of each customer, divided by the number of customers (Benchmark Size) in that Industry.


  • Fluent in creating Bionic Rules. For more information, refer Getting Started with Bionic Rules.

  • SFDC Permissions to create fields on an object such as “Customize Application”

  • Familiar with Creating Fields in SFDC. For more information, refer Create Custom Fields.

  • Configuring C360 Summary Section

  • This tutorial must be used as a general guideline as each org may have source data configured differently. Always test rules for one account live before running for the entire dataset.

Configuration Overview

Follow these steps to create a custom field and a rule: 

  1. Creating Custom Field on Customer Info Object

  2. Creating Rule to Load Benchmark ARR by Industry

Creating Custom Fields on Customer Info Object

To create custom fields in Customer Info object: 

  1. On the Customer Info Object (API Name: JBCXM__CustomerInfo__c) create the following field with Field Type Currency
    • Field Name - Industry Benchmark ARR
    • Field Type - Currency
  1. After creating the field, add it to the C360 Summary Section. After adding to C360 section, the field type appears similar to the image below: 

C360 Layout Configuration

Configure Section.png

View from 360 page


  1. After adding to C360, create a rule to Load Benchmark ARR by Industry. Follow the steps in the next section to create the rule. 

Create Rule to Load Benchmark ARR by Industry

To create a rule to Load Benchmark ARR by Industry: 

  1. Navigate to Administration > Rules Engine > Create Rule.


  1. Create a Data Fetch task to pull ARR vs Industry: In this example in Setup Rule Section, a fetch task named Fetch Average ARR by Industry is made to average Annual Revenue by Industry. 

Create Rule ARR 2.png

The preview must look similar to the following image

Rule Preview ARR.png

  1. Create Another Fetch task to pull valid Gainsight Customers: Create another fetch task with the name Fetch GS Customers. Later this fetch will be joined to the “Fetch Average ARR by Industry” fetch, as Account ID is required in the Rule Action Section. 

Create Rule ARR 3.png

  1. Merge Data Sets with a Merge task: In the example below, OutField Label of fields from the “Fetch Average ARR by Industry” is renamed for better readability and to resolve same name conflicts.

Create Rule ARR 4.png

  1. Create Load to Customers Rule Action on Merge Data Fetch. Here Account field is mapped and the Benchmark Annual Revenue is mapped to load into the Custom Field created earlier in this article.

Create Rule ARR 5.png

Note: It is suggested to test this rule on one account to make sure correct values are being pushed. The end results appear like the example below for a C360 page. 

Create Rule ARR 6.png