This article walks you through the process of creating a Bionic rule that triggers a CTA when a customer has one or more support tickets opened for more than 21 days.

Create a Bionic Rule

Create Rule

To create a Bionic Rule for this use case:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Rules Engine.
  2. Click Create RULE. The Create Rule page appears.
  3. Enter the following parameters in the Create Rule page:
  • Rule For: Account
  • Rule Name: Support Tickets open for more than 21 Days
  • Folder: Select a folder for the rule.
  • Description: (Optional)
  1. Click NEXT. Setup Rule page appears.


Setup Rule

Create a Dataset with the following configurations in the Setup Rule page:

  1. Select the Salesforce object Case as source and add the following fields to the Show Fields section:
  • Case::Id
  • Case::Case Reason
  • Case::Case Type
  • Case::Case Number
  • Case::Created Date
  • Case::Status
  • Case::Account ID
  • Account::Account Name
  • Account::CSM
  1. Add the following fields to the Filters section:
  • Case::Created Date | less or equal | Subtract N Days to Rule Date | 21
  • Case::Status | includes | New, Working, Escalated
  1. Verify that Apply to Gainsight customers only is checked.
  2. In the Advanced Logic, select Account Lookup::Account ID (Case).
  3. Enter the Dataset Task Name and Output Dataset Name as Support Tickets Open for more than 21 Days.

Note: You also have the option to Preview Results before proceeding, to verify that you have accounts that fulfill the rule criteria.

  1. Click Save to save the Dataset.

Setup Rule.gif

Setup Action

In the Setup Action page:

  1. Click +ACTION and select the dataset.
  2. Configure the Action as shown below:
  • Action: Call to Action
  • Create/Close: Create CTA
  • Name: Support tickets Open for more than 21 Days
  • Type: Risk
  • Priority: Medium
  • Status: New
  • Playbook: TBD based on Playbooks your company has created
  • Reason: TBD based on the Reasons your company has created. For this tutorial, Reason Support Risk is used
  • Owner Field: Account::CSM (Your CSM Lookup field added in the previous step)
  • Default Owner: <Your Name or Other Default Name> (Gainsight Lead or Success Lead)
  • Due Date: Run + 5 Days
  • Post Update to Chatter: This determines whether new comments are added each time a CTA of this type fires while another is still open.
  • Comments: Comments are optional but can be helpful to provide additional information about the account.
  • Select Create CTA once in 1 day.
  1. Click Run Now to run the rule now. Run Rule dialog appears. Click Save to save the setup Action and run the rule later. 

Setup Action.gif

  1. Gainsight recommends scheduling the rule to run Everyday Night. For more information, refer Scheduling and Executing Rules.