This tutorial explains how to download and customize a Rule template from Vault to schedule Quarterly or Executive Business Reviews (EBRs). For this tutorial, we use the asset called Create first EBR CTA based on Original Contract Date V.

In addition, this tutorial contains optional follow-on steps to fully support your EBR process.

Links to the rule assets from Vault, plus a few related asset options:

The assets can also be found under:

Vault > Operationalize Customer Lifecycle > Executive Business Reviews

Customize rule asset to trigger EBR CTA

  1. Open and preview the appropriate rule asset (from the list above).
  2. Preview the asset and click Configure when you are ready to proceed.

3. Map the fields to the appropriate values in your org:


4. Download the Rule.  

5. In the Rules List View, click the Inactive checkbox to view the downloaded rule.

6. Click Edit on the rule to view or modify it.

7. In the Show area, we recommend the following:

  • Show  Drag over the following fields:
    • Account::Id
    • Account::Name
    • Customer Info::Original Contract Date
    • Account::CSM {your User Lookup field}
  • Filters  Drag over the following fields to use as filters:
    • Original Contract Date | equals | Subtract N days from rule date | 180

8. Click the Setup Action step along the top, and verify it is setup correctly:

Action Type: Call to Action

Call To Action Details:

  • Name: Name of CTA. Type @ to see options available for tokenized comments.
  • Priority: Medium
  • Status: New
  • Reason: TBD by what Reasons your company has created. For this example, it's called "QBR/EBR Event."
  • Due Date: Run + 14 Days
  • Post Update to Chatter: This determines whether new comments are added each time a CTA of this type fires while another is still open.
  • Type: Event
  • Playbook: EBR Playbook
  • Owner Field: {Your CSM Lookup field added in the previous step}
  • Default Owner: Account CSM owner field
  • Comments: Comments are optional but can be helpful to provide additional information about the account. Type @ to see options available for tokenized comments.

(optional) Develop Success Plan to track customer goals

Benefit: Create a series of actionable objectives that CSMs and other people in your organization can reference

1. Navigate to Administration > Success Plan Configuration.

2. Click + Add Template and setup a template with Objectives. For example, add an Objective called “Demonstrate ROI”.

3. In Cockpit > Playbooks, create a playbook with appropriate tasks for this success plan. For example:

  • Reach out to customer to see how product is working  20 days out
  • Review customer’s adoption of product and share

4. Apply the Playbook you just created to your Success Plan template.


(optional) Create a Milestone for the Completion of an EBR

Once an EBR is completed, you can log a milestone to track each EBR completion and use this timeline to trigger additional processes. We will build a rule to create the milestone.

If you haven’t already, download the following asset from Vault:

  • Lay EBR Milestone based on closed EBR CTA V1
  • Setup Rule:
    • Source Object: Call to Action
    • Show: Drag over the following fields:
      • Call to Action::Account
      • Call to Action::Account Name
      • Call to Action::Closed Date
      • Account::CSM
    • Filters - Drag the following fields to use as filters:
      • Call to Action::Status | includes | Closed Success
      • Call to Action::Reason | includes EBR Event
      • Call to Action::Closed Date | equals | Subtract N Days from Rule Date | 1

Create an Action to Trigger the Milestone:

  • In the same rule, click the +ACTION button at the bottom of the screen
  • Select “Load to Milestone” from Action Type
  • Select “Show Field” radio button and select “Call to Action::Created Date”
  • Select the Milestone you created (if you haven’t created an EBR Milestone, you’ll want to do so under Administration > Milestones)
  • Under comments, type “Executive Business Review completed on @Created Date”

(optional) Build a Process for the next EBR CTA to Trigger

Now that we have a process in place for our first EBR, we want to build a process that will continue to trigger new CTAs. We’ll base our rule on the close of the first EBR we created above.

If you haven’t already, download the following asset from Vault:

  • EBR CTAs based on previous EBR milestone V1 (Rule)
  • Setup Rule: Build new rule to look for an EBR that occurred 150 days ago (you can adjust the timeframe based on your needs)
    • Source Object: Milestone
    • Show: Drag over the following fields:
      • Milestone::Account
      • Milestone::Account Name
      • Account::CSM
    • Filters - Drag the following fields to use as filters:
      • Milestone::Milestone Name | equals | Executive Business Review
      • Milestone::Milestone Created Date | equals | Subtract N Days from Rule | 150

Our next step will be to create an action that will specify the CTA settings:

  • Select “Call to Action” under Action Type
  • Configure to your company’s business processes. We recommend making it a “Medium” priority, “EBR Event” reason, “Event” type, “Executive Business Review” playbook, “Account::CSM” owner field