The following example explains how to download and customize a Rule template from Vault to automatically produce lifecycle Calls to Action (CTAs). In this example, you will configure a rule to assign a CTA to a CSM with an accompanying playbook for welcoming new customers. This rule creates a CTA for new customers that signed their contracts yesterday. The example below is based on the Original Contact Date which was loaded to the Customer record during the new customer import. If org uses another date field that indicates when a new customer has signed, you’ll want to replace the OCD field with the appropriate field from your Salesforce instance.

Download Rule & Playbook from Vault

Playbook to download from Vault:

There are a few different rules within Vault that you can use, including (pick one):

In the following explanation, we use the rule asset Create New Customer Kickoff CTA based on Original Contract Date V1.


Configure and customize

After you’ve downloaded the Vault assets, you can review the following steps and make any necessary edits to the rule to fit your business processes.

  1. Setup Rule - Action: Build Rule based on Contract Date
    • Source Object: Customer Info
    • Show  Drag over the following fields:
      • Customer Info::Account
      • Customer Info: Account Name
      • Account::CSM {your User Lookup field}
      • Customer Info: Orig. Cont. Date
    • Filters  Drag over the following fields to use as filters:
      • Customer Info: Orig Cont. Date | equals | Subtract N Days from Rule = 1
    • Click NEXT.
  2. Create an action that will specify the CTA settings:
  • Select “Call to Action” under Action Type
  • Configure to your company’s business processes. We recommend making it a “Medium” priority, “New Customer” reason, “Event” type, “New Customer” playbook, “Account::CSM” owner field

In this next step, we will be creating a Milestone on Gainsight’s milestone object to track customer progress and trends across your customers. Milestones help you identify customers throughout their lifecycle.

  1. In the same rule, click + ACTION at the bottom of the screen:
  • Select Load to Milestone from Action Type
  • Select Show Field and select Customer Info: Orig Contr. Date
  • Select the Milestone you created
  • Under comments, type “Customer signed on @Original Contract Date”
  • The text should read “Customer signed on $ (Customer Info::Orig. Contr. Date)!

Working on challenge A7?

After you complete this exercise, you can continue to the Trigger Onboarding CTA when New Customer CTA Closes tutorial.