Admins can use Data Spaces as a data source in the Bionic Rules, in addition to SFDC and MDA objects. In this tutorial, the SFDC object, Opportunity Products, is used to create a Data Space and then it’s used in the rules engine to create Relationships.

Perform the following key procedures to set up the rule:

  1. Create a Data Space
  2. Use the Data Space in Rules Engine

Create a Data Space

To create a data space:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Data Spaces.
  2. Click +DATA SPACE.
  3. In the Select Object drop-down, select the SFDC object Opportunity Product.
  4. Add the following as Fields:
  • Id, Date, Annual Revenue, Line Description, List Price, Number of users, Opportunity Product Name, Product Code, Product Family, Product Name, Product Description, Account Name, Industry, Annual Revenue, Account ID, Close Date, Won, Stage

Create Data Space.gif

  1. Enter a name and description for the data space in the Name and Description fields respectively and click SAVE.

Use the Data Space in Rules Engine

In this section, you can use the Data Space created in the previous section and set up a Bionic Rule to create Relationships on accounts where a product opportunity was recently closed won.

Create Rule

To create a Bionic Rule for this use case:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Rules Engine and click Create Rule.
  2. Enter the the following parameters in the Create Rule page:
  • Rule For: Account
  • Rule Name: Create Relationships for Accounts
  • Folder: Select a folder for the rule
  • Description: (Optional) This rule creates relationships for accounts

Note: You cannot create rules on Relationships using data spaces.

  1. Click NEXT. Setup Rule page appears.

Setup Rule

Create a Dataset with the following configurations in the Setup Rule page:

  1. Select Data Spaces from the data source list and select Data Space Product Opportunities.
  2. Add the following fields to the Show Fields section:
  • Product Name, Product Family, Product Description, Product Code, Account ID
  1. Add the following fields to the Filters section:
  • Won / equals / select the checkbox
  • Stage / equals / Closed Won
  • Close Date / greater than / Subtract N days from Rule Date / 1
  1. Verify that Apply to Gainsight customers only is checked.
  2. In the Advanced Logic, select Account Lookup::Id (Product Opportunities).
  3. Assign the Dataset Task Name and Output Dataset Name as Support Tickets Open for more than 21 Days.

Note: You also have the option to Preview Results before proceeding, to verify that you have accounts that fulfill the rule criteria.

  1. Click Save to save the Dataset.

Setup Rule.png

Setup Action

In the Setup Action page:

  1. Click +ACTION and select the dataset Product Opportunities.
  2. Configure the Action as shown below:
  • Action: Load to Relationship
  • Select the appropriate Relationship Type
  • Select Fields mappings as shown below:

Setup Action.gif

  1. Click SAVE and then click RUN NOW. The rule runs and creates relationships for the source object Product Opportunities.