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Create Milestones for Relationships in Rules Engine


In Rules Engine, Admins can create Milestones for Relationships. This tutorial explains about how you can create milestones and execute all of the historical data based on a selected date.

Create Milestones for Relationships

To create Milestones for Relationships:

  1. Navigate to Rules Engine > Create Rule > Edit Rule.
  2. Select the following (in this example):
    1. Rule Type: Custom
    2. Rule For: Relationships
    3. Relationship Type: select the appropriate relationship type
    4. Rule Name: Milestones for Relationships
    5. Folder: Select a folder for the rule
    6. Relationship Type: New Relationship Type
    7. Description: [Optional]


  1. Click NEXT.
  2. From Setup Rule > Native Data > Select a source object, select Milestone as the Relationship related object as shown in the following image.

Clicking Milestone navigates you to the list of objects available under this source object. The following default fields will be shown under Show and Filters sections (as shown in the following image):

  • Show: Milestone :: GS Relationship
  • Filters: GS Relationship Type = New Relationship Type


  1. Click NEXT to go to the Setup Action screen. 
  2. Click +ACTION.
  3. From the Action Type drop-down list, select Load to Milestone. This enables you to select the relevant Milestone for the Relationship, as shown in the following image.


  1. Click SAVE and navigate to Schedule where you will be able to schedule the rules.


  1. Click START to complete creating Milestones for Relationship.


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