This article focuses on setting up CTA reasons and rules for customer risk associated with Product Enhancements. The processes outlined below aims in helping you to:

  • Address early warning signs
  • Incorporate the CSM’s judgment into the assessment of the risk level
  • Establish a common view of risks across levels of the organization
  • Hold other departments accountable for addressing risks


  • A CTA Reason Product Enhancement Risk exists. (Click here to learn how to create a new CTA reason)

  • A custom checkbox field Product Bug? exists on the ZenDesk Support Ticket object. The support team uses this field to track Product Enhancement Risks. (Click here to learn how to create new Custom fields in Salesforce)

Rule to Create CTAs for Product Enhancement Risk

This rule creates a CTA called "Product Enhancement Risk CTA", when the following conditions are satisfied:

  • Product Bug risk exists.
  • Zendesk support ticket Status is either New, Open, Pending and On-hold.

Configure the Rule

  1. Navigate to Administration > Rules Engine.

  2. Click Create Rule.

  3. Select Bionic as the rule type.

  4. Create the rule for an Account.

  5. Provide a name for the rule in Rule Name box.

  6. (Optional) Provide a detailed description of the rule in Description box.

  7. Click NEXT.

Creating Rule.png

  1. Click DATASET TASK.

  2. Enter a Task Name (here T1).

  3. Select Zendesk Support Ticket as the source object.

  4. In the Show section, add:

  • Assignee (Zendesk Support Ticket)
  • Description (Zendesk Support Ticket)
  • Id (Zendesk Support Ticket)
  • Priority (Zendesk Support Ticket)
  • Organization Name (Zendesk Support Ticket)
  • Status (Zendesk Support Ticket)
  • Requester Name (Zendesk Support Ticket)
  • Subject (Zendesk Support Ticket)
  • Ticket ID (Zendesk Support Ticket)
  • Organization (ZenDesk Support Ticket. Choose the organization with ID data type.)
  • Id (Account)
  • CSM (Account)
  • CSM Name (Account)

Setting up Rule Show section.png

  1. In the Filter section, add:
  • Product Bug? (Zendesk Support Ticket)
  • Status (Zendesk Support Ticket) (four times)

Setting up Rule Filter section.png

  1. In the Filter section, select:
  1. = and click the check box, for Product Bug? Filter.

Defining Rule filters_1.png

  1. Includes and New, Open, Pending and On-hold, for the Status filter.

Defining Rule filters_2.png

Note: We are looking only for tickets with Status New, Open, pending or On-Hold. However, you can add the Closed Status filter as well, since closed tickets might also have Product Enhancement Risks. We recommend that you coordinate with your support team and arrive at a conclusion on the usage of Closed ticket filter.

  1. Enter A AND (B OR C OR D OR E), in the Advanced Logic Section.

Setting up Advanced Logic section.png

  1. Click SAVE.

Note: If you encounter an Output Field labels error stating that Id must be unique, click settings icon for Account id, enter some text and click Save.

Resolving Output field label error.gif

Setup Rule Action

  1. Click Setup Action.

  2. Click + ACTION and select T1 as the Source task.

  3. Select Call To Action as the Action Type.

Selecting action.gif

  1. Enter Product Enhancement Risk CTA, as the CTA Name.

    1. Select Risk as CTA Type.
    2. Select High as CTA Priority.
    3. Select New as CTA Status.
    4. (Optional) Select a playbook from the Playbook field.
    5. Select Product Enhancement Risk as CTA Reason.
    6. Select a CSM's name in the Default Owner field.

Creating CTA as Rule Action_2.png

Click RUN NOW, to run the rule. You can also schedule the rule to run at a later stage.