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Transformation Tasks in many Bionic Rules

This article explains about how you can transform data into a polished, actionable dataset in Bionic Rules using the Transformation option.

Transformation Tasks

Create Bionic Rule

To Create Bionic Rule:

  1. Click Create Rule.
  2. In the Edit Rule screen, enter the required information in the fields available. In this use case, the following information is used as example:
  • Rule Type: Bionic
  • Rule For: Account
  • Rule Name: Use case
  • Description: [Optional]

3. Click NEXT. The Setup Rule screen is displayed.

Create Data Set (Fetch Task)

  1. Click DATASET TASK to create a data set.
  2. Enter Task Name (here it is fetching data), Task Description (fetchdata), and Output Dataset Name (here, it is Fetching data).
  3. Select Account as the source object, add fields in the Show/Filters sections and click SAVE .

Aggregate Task to create a single output

  1. In the Setup Rule screen, click +TASK > click Transformation.

Fetching Data_Task+Transformation1.png

2. Enter the Transformation Task Name (here it is aggregation), Task Description (optional), and Output Dataset Name (here it is aggregation).

3. In the Setup Rule screen, select Fetching data as source object of dataset. Select the following options for the available sections on this screen as used for pivoting task in this example:

  • Show: COUNT of Chart id, Date field
  • GroupBy: Date Field (this is aggregated in this example).

Note: Add the Chart id field in the GroupBy section, so that you can select any one of the following options from the drop-down list  for Chart id in the Show section as shown in the following image and save the task.

When you try to use the field in Show section as it is without changing, you will not not be able to save the task after modifying the field in the Show section as this is reserved-keyword. it will display the following error message.

4. Click SAVE. The following confirmation message will be displayed.

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