After creating a lookup (join) relation on an MDA Data Object to another MDA Data Object, you can utilize the joined fields in a Bionic Rule task. 


  • Before performing MDA Joins in Rules Engine, you must create a lookup relation on an MDA Object. To learn about creating an MDA join, see MDA Joins
  • If you are looking to join MDA Data to Native SFDC Data for use in a rule, see Bionic Rule Merges.
  • You can only use fields up to 3 levels in Rules Engine (can click through 3 expanded levels). 

The following image shows how objects like Company (that has SFDC Account/Customer Info details synced via GS Connect) and MDA Usage Data objects can be joined with a lookup and can be used to section data by Stage. You can also apply filters using the fields from the joined data.

MDA Joins in RE.gif