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Field Deletion in Rules Engine


This article provides information about how you can delete the fields that you used for setting up a Bionic Rule from the Gainsight Data Management page and what happens when you refresh the specific Bionic Rule page. This will no longer show the particular datatype under the source object and will display a message as shown in the following image.  

Field Deletion in Rules Engine

  1. Click Create Rule and provide required details in the fields as shown in the following image.

Blank Rule.png

  1. Create a task by clicking DATASET.

Select Dataset.png

  1. Navigate to the Edit Rule screen where you add GS ID Type, Date Type, DropDown Type, Email Type (datatypes) in the Show and Filters sections from the source object (in the example, it is 'Test For Standard Object').

  1. Click SAVE.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Data Management > All Objects > [click  the specific source object] (in the example, it is Test For Standard Object) > Schema (in a separate window/tab).
  3. Click the edit icon available for the field (here, it is Email Type field as used in Bionic Rules mentioned above), it will fetch the category.

  1. Select the Hide in reporting check box as shown in the following image.

  1. Click UPDATE. The schema will be updated.
  2. Navigate back to Rules Engine > [Edit the newly created Bionic Rule] > Setup Rule screen where the same datatype (Email Type) is already used in the Show section.
  3. Refresh the page. The datatype (Email Type) will not be available anymore under the same source object and will display a message as shown in the following image immediately on opening/refreshing.

  1. Click OK.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Data Management page > [add the deleted field] > Rules Engine > [re-edit the rule].

Note: You can also delete the Object from Data Management > [click DELETE OBJECT]. If any of the fields is mapped with SDFC field/ or has any other dependencies, the following error message will be displayed while deleting the object.


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