Rules Engine Settings

This section allows you to configure the general settings required to configure Permissions for Rules Load Actions. Click the Rules Settings icon to view the below sections:


General Settings

This section displays the following read-only information:

  • Time Zone: An organization-wide setting that is used to determine the definition of a day. The Timezone set in Administration > Application Settings > Operations > Timezone pane is honored in Rules Engine.
  • OAuth User Info: The OAuth user currently authorized to create rules and the date of authorization.  


Configure Permissions (Load Actions)

Admins can configure permissions to limit the Objects and Fields available to be loaded when using Rules Load Actions. If no permissions are configured for an Object, all the fields are available to be used by Rules Load Actions. 

For SFDC Objects, admins can turn on this configuration to ensure that the data is updated only in the configured Objects and Fields while using rules. This ensures that no data updates are made to the important SFDC objects.

Use the Configure Permissions option to add Objects and fields, and to configure permissions for rules.


To add Objects and Fields:

  1. In the Permissions (Load Actions) section, click the Add Object option. The Add Object and Fields screen appear.
  2. Select Objects and the Fields you want to allow in Rule Load Actions.
  3. Click Save.

You can view all configured Objects and their fields that are available when using Rules Load Actions in the Permissions (Load Actions) section. These permissions can be searched, edited, and deleted as required.  


Admins can turn off the permissions configuration using the Turn Off Configuration option. This action removes all the configured permissions for the Rule Load Actions.



Enable the “Gainsight Special” permission set for this user in order to resolve this error message.

  1. Navigate to Setup > Administer > Manage Users >Users.
  2. Click on the Logged in user.
  3. Verify the user’s assigned permission sets.
  1. Assign Gainsight Special permission set.
  2. Click Save.