This dashboard consists of two reports that track how many accounts each CSM (by team) is managing, as well as how much ARR each CSM (by team) is handling. These reports provide managers with a high-level overview and visibility across the entire team, in terms of workload, as well as perspective on your Accounts:CSM and ARR:CSM ratios. Managing these numbers and reports is essential for tracking the ROI of a customer success framework for your organization. Below are instructions on setting up custom fields, rules, and reports to optimize visibility across teams.

These reports are intended as examples only, using demo organization data and records. In some cases, the field names may be different in your own orgs, or we may be using a custom field.

Report #1: Accounts by CSM Across Teams

Report #1: Accounts by CSM Across Teams

Note: We segment our customers into 3 teams (SMB, Enterprise/Mid-Market, and Strategic), each with one Team Manager.

To create the custom field “CSM Team Manager,” please see configuration at the end of this tutorial. You could also set this up as a custom field for “Customer Tier” in the very same fashion.

To create reports, navigate to Administration > Report Builder > click + Report:

1. Select the Account subject area to build the report on.

2. In Show me, add the field for Id.

3. In By, add the CSM Team Manager field and then add the CSM Name field (Note: make sure to do this step in the correct order)

4. (Optional) Create filters

  • Status = Active
  • Set the Stage filter to whatever ‘Active’ stages you’ve set up in your Gainsight instance

5. Click Apply

6. (Optional) Click the Visualization Icon and select Stacked Column (or your preference).

7. (Optional) Click the Report Settings Icon and Click Chart Options > Toggle Data Points to ON.

8. Enter a name for your report (Accounts by CSM Across Teams) and click Save.

Report #2: ARR by CSM Across Teams

Report #2: ARR by CSM Across Teams

To see the same report for ARR instead of Accounts, follow all of the same instructions with report #1, except use “ARR” in the ‘Show Me’ field instead of “Accounts.” See the image above for reference.

Configure Dashboard

Please refer to the article Configure Gainsight Home Dashboards for information on how to assemble these reports into a dashboard on the Gainsight Home tab.

Configure "CSM Team Manager" Custom Field (optional)

Configure "CSM Team Manager" Custom Field (optional)

Step 1: Add CSM Team Manager field to Account object

Navigate to Setup > App Setup, click CustomizeAccounts → Fields, and then click the Newbutton, adjacent to “Account Custom Fields & Relationships.”

Note: Select “Picklist” as your ‘Data Type.’ For Picklist options, this is the name of each of your Team Managers.


Step 2: Set up rules to automatically assign accounts to their respective Team Managers

The rule will say (for example, Team Manager=Kelly), IF Status=Active, and CSM Name = X, Y, or Z (however many names are on Kelly’s team), then CSM Team Manager field = Kelly.

Your ‘Setup Filter’ page should look something like the image above.

And your logic should look like this: A and (B or C or D or E or F or G or H or I or J) where each Account::CSM Name = a name of each CSM on that specific team.

Your ‘Setup Action’ should look like the following:


Choose “Load to SFDC Object” as your Action Type, and choose the “Account” Object.

Per usual, you will want to connect Account::Id to Id, so each account will be recognized and map correctly.

Then, you will want to create a custom mapping, where CSM Team Manager field = Team Manager name (or Kelly, for our example).

Finally, in Schedule, you can go ahead and schedule nightly.

Make sure the rule is ON and schedule.

REPEAT this step for however many different teams you have, one for every team under their Team Manager’s name.