If your organization is using Risk CTAs and the flagging option, you can configure a report on this data that includes all of your Risk types, and compare trends month over month. (Flagging is a manual option used by CSMs in the Cockpit List View to indicate importance.)


Navigate to Administration > Report Builder > click +Report.

1. Select Calls to Action from the data source.

2. In Show me, add Call to Action ID. When you add this field to the Show me area, it will automatically switch to Count of ID.

3. In By, add the following fields:

  • Calls to Action::Created Date (click the gear next to “Created Date,” and switch to “Summarized By: Month”)
  • Calls to Action::Reason Name

4. Click the Filter icon, and add the following filters:

  • Calls to Action::Reason (select the specific CTA Reasons you want to report on)
  • Calls to Action::Priority (specify which CTA Priorities you want to report on)
  • Calls to Action::Created Date (specify the timeframe; we suggest your timeframe is only whole months)
  • Calls to Actions:IsFlagged (ensures your report only shows the flagged, high priority risks)

5. Enter a name for your report and click Save.

To add this report to a dashboard on the Gainsight Home tab, click here for instructions.