If the option to Export within the Report Builder and the Gainsight Home tab is greyed out (see below), this typically means exporting services are not configured.


To enable Exporting services:

  1. Navigate to Administration > MDA Services.
  2. Go to Matrix Data Architecture settings > click Edit.
  3. Check Exporting services > click Save.
  4. Log out of the org and then log back in. Validate the Export option in Report builder and in Dashboard are visible.

Receive Error “Unable to Export. Please try after sometime.” When attempting to Export

Even if the exporting services are enabled under MDA settings, you may receive the following error when attempting to complete this option: “ Unable to Export. Please try after sometime.”


This can occur if the Authorize MDA option is not enabled.


To Authorize and enable MDA:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Integration
  2. Switch Authorize MDA to ON
  3. Click Authorize MDA
  4. Log out from the org and log back in. Validate the export functionality is available now.