In dashboards, the Add Widget option only works for reports with the Widget visualization type. When you are building your report in the Report Builder, keep in mind the summary widget report type only allows 1 Show me field, no fields in By, and requires an aggregation to be selected on the Show me field.

To configure summary widgets:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Dashboard Builder.
  2. Click + ADD NEW and enter an appropriate name for the dashboard, or edit an existing dashboard.
  3. Click the Add Container icon and then select Add Widget.

4. From the left panel, drag-and-drop a report into the widget container and then click the Save icon.


Note: You can arrange up to four summary widgets in a row.

5. Click Preview icon to see your new/updated dashboard on the Gainsight Home tab.


Limitation - Dashboards or reports containing summary widgets can not be exported.