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Configure Dashboard for Sharing


This article explains how admins can configure a dashboard for sharing. CSMs can share a dashboard as a link via email with a user from the Gainsight Home tab. For example, a CSM could share the Monthly Renewals dashboard with the CRO of the company, which is delivered as a link via email. To enable CSMs to share a dashboard, the dashboard must first be configured for sharing by the admin. The configured dashboard can then be shared through email as a link, with optional security settings. In order to receive the dashboard as a link, the recipient must be added as a GS user into the GS User object (in MDA). For details on how to add GS users, refer to Gainsight User Object. Dashboards can only be shared with licensed Gainsight users (users with Full or Viewer License). You can sync user records from SFDC to Gainsight object User by enabling Salesforce Connector. For more information, refer Salesforce Connector.

Note: CSMs can see the dashboards that are assigned by admins, using Dashboard Permissions.


  • You cannot share a dashboard containing UI Views or Scorecard 1.0 reports.

Configure the dashboard for sharing

To configure the dashboard for sharing:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics >  Dashboard Builder.
  2. Open a dashboard. Click the Share Actions icon.
  3. Click Share Settings. Sharing Settings window appears.

1. share.png

  1. Select the domain of your choice, from the Select Domain dropdown list.

Note: If you have setup custom domains or sub-domains in your org, you can select the required domain to share the dashboard. 

  1. Select the Enable OTP Verification checkbox, to enable OTP verification. The OTP can be generated a maximum of five times per link, and the recipient can re-try it three times.
  2. Select the Add an expiration period checkbox, to select the expiration period from the dropdown list.
  3. Select the Enable Export checkbox to enable export of the reports in the shared dashboard.
  4. Click SAVE

2. sfdc share [2].png

  1. To manage users for whom access has been provided, click Manage Access from the Share Actions menu.

3. sfdc manage.png

  1. You can choose to filter the users based on active, revoked, and blocked status. The following details are displayed on this page - Shared with, Shared by, Shared on, and Expires on.

for csm.pngRevoke Access

In the Manage Access page, to revoke access for a user, select the check box corresponding to the user and click REVOKE ACCESS. The following message is displayed:Click YES to cancel access for the selected users for the dashboard.


For information on how CSMs can share a dashboard, see the Share Dashboards article.

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