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Configure Column Line Visualization Report


This article describes admins about how to configure a Column Line visualization report. The column line visualization type gets enabled, only when you add a minimum of 2 measures, (fields in Show Me) and 1 dimension (field in By). You will be able to create a column line visualization for 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 5x1, 6x1 combinations of Show Me and By fields respectively.

Note: Column Line visualization supports a maximum of 6 fields in Show Me.

Configure Column Line Visualization

To configure Column Line Visualization:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder.
  2. Click on the existing report name to edit a report (or) Click + REPORT to create a new report.
  3. Add the required measures to Show Me.

Note: To enable Column Line visualization, you need a minimum of 2 fields and maximum of 6 fields.

  1. Add the required dimension to By. You can only add 1 field to By Section, to enable Column Line visualization.

MultiColumn Line Navigation.png

  1. Click Select Visualization Type and select Column Line chart. You will see that the data in the report is displayed in a Column Line chart.

Note: By default, the last measure in the Show Me fields section is a Line and rest are columns. But, you still have the ability to select other measures as Lines via Settings > Chart Options.

Column Line Chart.png

  1. To select Lines, click the Settings/Gear icon and select Chart Options.
  2. Select the fields which you wish to visualize as Lines, from the Select Lines dropdown list and click on APPLY.

The fields selected here are displayed as Lines and all the unselected fields in the dropdown list remain as Columns in the Column Line chart.


  • To enable Column Line visualization, you must have at least one column and one line.
  • In Column Line visualization, dual Y-axis is enabled automatically, all the Lines correspond to the Y-axis on the right side and all the Columns correspond to the Y-axis on the left side.

Select Lines.gif

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