Gainsight reports support various visualization types such as pie, bubble, bar, and line charts. The colors in these graphs are based on a default palette of 20 colors. Customers can (a) update the palette with their preferred colors, and (b) for certain fields such as CTA type, specify a color for specific values, such as CTA Risk = Red, or CTA Opportunity = Green, which overrides the pallette.

These color settings are reflected in the C360, Gainsight Home Dashboards, and Success Snapshots PPT files.

Note: These reports are exported as images, so they will not inherit the color palette of the PPT template.

This article explains about how to modify the color palette, as well as how to set custom colors for specific field values.

Color Palette

The default color palette in Gainsight is as follows:


This palette works similar to the color palette in Microsoft Powerpoint. Here are some examples:

  • For bar charts, if plotting a single value, then all of the bars will display in the first color on the palette. For example: place count(cta) by customer
  • For bar charts or stacked bar charts, when plotting multiple values, you will see groups of multiple bars. The first bar in each group (based on sort order) will follow the first color in the palette, followed by other colors.
  • For pie charts, the first pie section (based on sort order) will show the first color, followed by other colors. If there are more than 20 pie sections, it will start from the first color again. Since the colors depend on the order of values and not the value itself, reordering the values (or reordering the By fields) will change the color of a value or field in report.

Override Default Color Palette

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder.
  2. Click three dots on the far right, and select Color Palette.
  3. Click the color you wish to change. The sequence of colors used in reports is ordered from left to right.
  4. Click SAVE (or click Reset to return to the default palette).

Note: Color configuration in Cockpit does not have any affect on the color configurations in the report builder.

Color Palette.png

In the following image, each color shows the legend color that would appear for the visualization you select. You can have 20 different legend colors.

20 Colors.png

Change colors for series: For side by side bar reports, where there are multiple bars in each time threshold, re-order the "show me" variables in the report builder to change in which order the bars appear in the chart.

Updating colors for specific field values

Usage Measure Colors

To modify your usage measure colors, navigate to Administration > Operations > Usage Configuration. Refer this article for more information.

Calls to Action (CTA) Colors

To modify the colors associated with Calls to action, navigate to Administration > Workflow > Calls to action. Refer this article for more information.

Scorecard Colors

To modify the colors associated with Scorecards, navigate to Administration > Health Scoring > Scorecards. Refer this article for more information.

Milestone Colors

To modify the colors associated with Milestones, navigate to Administration > Workflow > Milestones. Refer this article for more information.

Custom Colors

Custom Colors in the Report Builder allow you to set colors for field objects under a source object. For example, the CTA object is a source object and the Overdue object is a field object. If you set the color of the Overdue object to Red, all the reports containing the Overdue object will appear in Red color. The following procedure walks you through how to select a base object, and set color for the field objects.

Other field objects that might be helpful to color code include Industry, NPS® Promoters, and NPS® Detractors.

Custom Colors.png

  1. Navigate to Administration > Analytics > Report Builder.
  2. Click three dots on the far right, and select Custom Colors. The Color Configuration page appears.


2. Click + OBJECT to add a new object and then click + FIELD to select a Field on that Object. The field list shows all the fields associated with the data source object.

Limitation: You cannot set custom colors to the values in the lookup fields, GSID and numeric data types.


3. Click the Set Color option and select a color for the field object.

Set Color.png

  1. Click SAVE.

Note: A maximum of 10 fields and 30 value colors can be configured.

  1. If you wish to change the color setting, click the existing color, and now select the required color.

Change Color.png

You can see the new colors by selecting your base and field objects in the Report Builder.


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