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Catch-up on Timeline Enhancements

October 2020: 6.18 Release

September 2020: 6.17 Release


July 2020: 6.16 Release


June 2020: 6.15 Release

Timeline is the official record of your customers. It allows you to log information regarding customer interactions in a way that enables you to quickly gather insights and drive action. The Timeline View in the Customer or Relationship 360 allows you to log and view activities that help you track customer interactions over the course of a customer’s life cycle.

Timeline Based on Gainsight Standard Objects

We’re moving toward all Timeline functionality using data from Gainsight Standard Objects such as the Company, Relationship, and User objects instead of SFDC Objects such as Account or User. In this release, internal attendees will work with the GS Standard User object and the RelatedTo field will work with GS Standard Company and Relationship objects. Some Timeline features such as @mentions, BCC to Timeline, and the Google Chrome Extension already rely on Gainsight Standard Objects. These changes bring greater standardization to the functionality of Timeline. 

IMPORTANT:  Timeline External Attendees will work with the Gainsight Standard Company Person Object starting on July 2. This enhancement requires syncing SFDC Contact data to Gainsight. We recommend syncing this data via Connectors 2.0 data jobs. If you do not have a SFDC Contact data sync configured to Gainsight Standard objects, the External Attendee search function will stop working as expected when this feature is enabled on July 2.


  • After the data is added to SFDC objects, it can take up to an hour for the Timeline page to load. You may see the following error message while the data is being cached.

Timeline error msg.png

  • This enhancement does not change how data is stored and does not affect the functionality of existing rules or reports.


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