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Catch-up on Sally AI Bot Enhancements

April 2021: 6.23 Release

Sally Access is Removed for Inactive and Internal Collaborator License Type Users

Inactive and Internal Collaborator license type users cannot access Gainsight Sally since they do not have any associated license type. Only the users with Full and Viewer licenses can access Sally. 

Admins can check the user's license type and Sally access status on the Administration > User Management page. For more information on how to check the Sally access status for users, refer to the Gainsight User Management article.

March 2021: 6.22 Release

Sally Quick Insights Upgrade

IMPORTANT: Customers who have access to Sally and onboarded to the new Horizon Analytics will only be able to access the upgraded Quick Insights in Slack.

Previously, admins had to create a separate Quick Insight report in the Administration > Quick Insights page. The report was then cloned from the parent report and created a duplicate report in Sally instance, which was accessible for Sally users. The major disadvantage of this procedure was any change that was made to the parent report is not reflected in the quick insight report and vice versa. Gainsight is now upgrading the Sally Quick Insights feature with Horizon Analytics to increase the adoption of Quick Insights in Sally.

In Horizon Analytics Report Builder, admins can mark a report as a Quick Insight in the following two ways:

  • In the Administration > Report Builder (Beta) page, click the Context Menu of the existing report to be marked as quick insight and select the Mark as Quick Insight option.

  • In the Administration > Report Builder (Beta) > Create Report, select the Mark as Quick Insight option while saving a new report.


After the report is marked as Quick Insight, the report is accessible to all the Sally users. Any modifications to the report are immediately reflected on the new Quick Insight report requested by the user.

Note: A warning message appears when an admin tries to delete a report that has been marked as Quick Insight.

Only the users who have access to Sally in Slack are allowed to mark a report as Quick Insight. For more information on how end-users can request information from the Gainsight Sally bot using the Quick Insights feature, refer to the Quick Insights in Slack using Sally article.


In Slack, all the tabular reports can be downloaded in excel format and the remaining chart reports are available in image format.


Assign CTAs to other Gainsight Users from Slack

Users can now assign CTAs to other Gainsight users when creating CTAs through:

  • Slack Slash Command
  • Slack Actions
  • Sally Menu
  • Company Intelligence News Posts

Previously, while creating CTAs from Slack, users could only assign them to self or CSMs.

Note: Users can assign CTAs to any user irrespective of license type and must search with a minimum of three characters.

February 2021: 6.21 Release

Community icon.png Create CTAs and Timeline Activities from Slack

Sally in Slack now allows the users to create a CTA or post to Timeline, without logging-in to the Gainsight application. Following are the ways users can create a CTA/post an activity:

  • Sally Menu 
  • Slack Shortcuts
  • Slack Slash Commands

Note: Admins must reauthorize the slack instance in Gainsight if the customers have to use this feature.

For more information, refer to the Using Gainsight Sally in Slack (For End-user) article.

December 2020: 6.19 Release

October 2020: 6.18 Release

September 2020: 6.17 Release


July 2020: 6.16 Release


June 2020: 6.15 Release


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