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Catch-up on Sally AI Bot Enhancements

October 2019 : 6.7 Release


August 2019 : 6.5 Release


July 2019: 6.4 Release


May 2019: 6.3 Release

Sally is an AI-powered bot that enables interaction with Gainsight data and functionality within a user’s favorite channels. Sally allows you to ask diverse questions about your customers, receive Gainsight notifications, update customer data and gain insight into risks and opportunities. Sally’s Natural Language Processing makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible through simple conversation and her machine-learning technology helps her get smarter with each interaction.

  1. Sally in Gainsight Account Widget, Gainsight Case Widget, and Gainsight Opportunity Widget: In-App Sally is now available in the Gainsight Account Widget, Gainsight Case Widget, and Gainsight Opportunity Widget sections on the Account, Case, and Opportunity pages respectively for individual companies. The advantage of having Sally in these pages is that the user can specify the intent name, and it will retrieve the data for that particular company. All intents supported in Sally are supported in the newly introduced Sally widget sections as well.

32. Accounts Widget1.gif

Note: Users can also query for other accounts directly from Sally in the Account, Case, and Opportunity widgets.

33. Accounts Widget2.gif

  1. Renewal Date Intent Support in In-App and Slack Sally Channels: You can now use the Renewal Date intent, from the Select a Suggestion dropdown list, to view the renewal date of a company. This retrieves the information from the renewal date field in the Company Standard object.

34Renewal Intent.gif


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