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Catch-up on Reporting Enhancements

April 2021: 6.23 Release

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Gain deep customer insight with Reports and Dashboards. Gainsight’s ability to blend together multiple data sources provides a structured, holistic picture of the customer across all types of vendor/customer interactions. Using an intuitive interface and compelling visualizations, each of your customer-facing functions can build their own strategic view to get actionable insights, fast.

Enhanced Gainsight-Tableau Integration

Gainsight integration with Tableau is now enhanced with the following performance improvements:

  • Data process time limit allowed for each object is increased from 30 minutes to 120 minutes.

  • Displays a message to the user to create a smaller object in Data Designer to fetch the data into Tableau, if the data process request does not complete in 120 minutes.

  • Instantly processes the requests from any object that has 5000 or fewer records.

  • Displays a progress bar intermittently when a user navigates from Data Source page to Workbook in Tableau. This progress update is applicable only when the data transfer process takes significant time.

  • Stores the fetched data of the last 24 hours in the Tableau instance. This helps reduce the data load time if there is another request to fetch the data from the same tenant and same object in the last 24 hours.
    For example, if the data import from Gainsight to Tableau takes two hours for a user. When this user logs out and logs in, and requests the same data within 24 hours, the data loads instantly.

  • Redirects users to the Tableau login page when the session times out.

March 2021: 6.22 Release

IMPORTANT: We are excited to announce that we have redesigned and improved the performance of our existing Report Builder and Dashboard Builder features, powered by Gainsight Horizon Experience. Check out this 1-min. video for a glimpse of the Horizon Experience in the Gainsight applications!

We are rolling out the Horizon Analytics feature in a phased manner. We have turned on the preview phase for a few customers in this release.

In the preview phase, you can continue using the existing Reporting feature for the production purposes while you test, learn, and explore the new version of Reporting. The existing reports and dashboards are already migrated to the new Reporting environment to make it easy for you. We will also migrate (upsert) all the new reports created in the old Reporting feature to the new one when we make it available in approximately four weeks from the customer release.

The Horizon Analytics has new capabilities such as responsive charts and dashboards, flexible dashboards with more widgets (Image, Web Page, Rich Text) etc.

Following are the major advantages of Horizon Analytics:

  • New and improved User Interface based on the Gainsight Horizon Design System.
  • Easy access to a list of reports and dashboards.
  • Easy to share your report and dashboard through PPT or Link.
  • Ability to retrieve the deleted reports or dashboards from the Trash folder.
  • Easy to enable/disable the report data downloads (including external links)
  • Easy to enable/disable the lazy loading of report widgets.
  • Easy to select the Color palette, either Gainsight Defaults or Custom Colors.
  • Simplified drag and drop capability for adding fields to the report.

For more information on the new functionalities in Horizon Analytics, refer to the Horizon Analytics articles.

October 2020: 6.18 Release


September 2020: 6.17 Release


July 2020: 6.16 Release

June 2020: 6.15 Release


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