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Catch-up on Reporting Enhancements

September 2020: 6.17 Release


July 2020: 6.16 Release

Gain deep customer insight with Reports and Dashboards. Gainsight’s ability to blend together multiple data sources provides a structured, holistic picture of the customer across all types of vendor/customer interactions. Using an intuitive interface and compelling visualizations, each of your customer-facing functions can build their own strategic view to get actionable insights, fast.

Improved Field Selection in Reporting

Previously, when you reported on an object with several fields or lookups, you may have faced performance issues in selecting a field. Now, the performance of the field tree selection is improved and much faster than before. If you are reporting on an object that has several fields/lookups, now when you click + on the field tree, the report loads the first 50 fields and displays the total count of the unopened fields at the end of the field tree. When you click the number (count), the report loads another 50 fields, and so on.

Important: This performance improvement is not enabled for all customers because it’s most beneficial for customers who are reporting on objects with a lot of fields/lookups. If you are reporting on objects that have several fields/lookups, and facing a performance issue with the field tree selection, please contact Gainsight Support to enable this option.

Create Cross Datasource Global Filters

Earlier, in Dashboard Global Filters, when Company Name/User Name was selected as a reference field, you could only map the fields that look-up to the Company/User Name. For example, if you selected a Name (String) field as a reference field from the Company object, in the Map Field dropdown, you could only see or select the field that is mapped to the Company Name field (for Gainsight Reports), and if there are any SFDC reports selected in the Global Filter, you cannot see any of the String fields available in those reports. Because of this problem, you had to create multiple Global Filters across data sources. With this enhancement, you can now map to any string field when Company Name or User Name is selected as a reference field. For example, you could create a cross datasource Global Filter with Company Name for Gainsight reports and Account Name for SFDC reports.

June 2020: 6.15 Release


May 2020: 6.14 Release


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