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Catch-up on Reporting Enhancements

June 2020: 6.15 Release


May 2020: 6.14 Release


April 2020: 6.13 Release

Gain deep customer insight with Reports and Dashboards. Gainsight’s ability to blend together multiple data sources provides a structured, holistic picture of the customer across all types of vendor/customer interactions. Using an intuitive interface and compelling visualizations, each of your customer-facing functions can build their own strategic view to get actionable insights, fast.

Until now, Gainsight honored the Salesforce Fiscal Year settings only on the reports created on Salesforce objects. But, with this release, Gainsight supports honoring those Fiscal Year settings in all the reports created on Gainsight Objects also. In the Report Builder, you can now see the Fiscal Year/Quarter option in the By section and Filters.


  • While building reports on Salesforce objects, Gainsight honors both the Standard and Custom Fiscal Year Settings defined in Salesforce.
  • While building reports on Gainsight objects, Gainsight honors the Standard Fiscal Year Settings defined in Salesforce.
  • When a user changes the Fiscal Year Settings in Salesforce, it may take 24 hours to reflect the changes in Gainsight.

You can now Filter the date field/time series data by Fiscal Year/Fiscal Quarter and can also summarize this data by Fiscal Year/Fiscal Quarter. The Fiscal Year label on the report displays either the Starting Year or Ending Year, based on the settings defined by your admin in Salesforce. For more information on Salesforce Fiscal Year Settings, refer to Salesforce Fiscal Year Settings.

Business Use Case: For instance, you may want to filter the list of companies that are up for renewal in the current fiscal year, on a quarter basis. Using this enhancement, you can now achieve this by applying the current fiscal year filter on the renewal date and summarize the renewal date field to fiscal quarter.

The following image shows how you can use the Fiscal Year/Quarter option in Summarize By and Filters.

7 Fiscal.gif

March 2020: 6.12 Release


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