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Catch-up on Journey Orchestrator Enhancements

March 2021: 6.22 Release

PX as a Source in Query Builder

Admins can now select PX custom events as one of the participant sources in the Query Builder source type. Admins can select this source to improve customer journeys based on usage data. Like any other source/object in Query Builder, admins can add show fields/filters based on the selected PX custom event and also perform merge/transformation tasks.

Note: Admins must first configure the PX Connector in the Gainsight CS application. For more information, refer to the Gainsight PX Connector article.

Business Use Cases:

  • Admins want to track the users who viewed article 1 or article 2 in the last 60 days.
  • Admins can find the list of users who used the new application more than 10 times in the last 30 days.

To configure PX as a source in Query Builder:

  1. On the Participants Configuration page, click the +SOURCE button and select Query Builder.
  2. Enter a name for the Query Builder source.
  3. Click SAVE.
  4. Click DATASET TASK. The New Dataset Task page appears.
  5. Select the name of the PX connection which you have configured.
    Note: By default, Custom Events is selected in the events dropdown.
  6. Select the source product name for which you have configured the custom event.
  7. Select the event.
  8. Click and drag the fields that you want to query to the Show section.
  9. Click SAVE to create a query based on all Event attributes, account, and user attributes.

Limitations: The following are some of the limitations in using PX usage data:

  • The Date field is mandatory and it must be bounded such that you need to have a start date and end date.
  • Only the data from the past 180 days is considered.
  • Event level data is not supported. Gainsight always aggregates EventID to Count (EventID) when dropped in the Show section.
  • Only 100K records are fetched per rule.

February 2021: 6.21 Release

Modifications in Events Source

Events source allows users to add participants to a Program triggered by Gainsight’s Event Framework. Events source is now completely flexible and supports all the events configured in Events Framework. Also, the PX custom events can be used in a Program. Using Events as a source in Programs, admins can now:

  • Configure filters for the events
  • Select lookup fields for filters
  • Map lookup fields in the Mapping selection

In the Event source, an Event Source Filter is applied to the source to define which contacts must be added as Program participants. Based on the filter criteria, contacts from the event source are added as participants. Earlier, admins could only add events as sources from Gainsight’s Event Framework without any filters. This change gives Admins more control over the events data they are bringing in for participants.


Additionally, Journey Orchestrator now honors the resolution of Event Fields functionality in the Event Framework. This helps admins to resolve records from the sender of the Event to records stored in Gainsight objects. For more information on the event fields resolution configuration, refer to the Events Framework article.


With the help of the resolving Event Fields functionality, admins can now:

  • Select lookup fields for event source filters while:
    • Creating Event Fields
    • Adding Events as a source
    • Using Event Fields in Conditional Wait 
  • Map lookup fields in the Mapping Participant Sources section for the selected event source.

October 2020: 6.18 Release


September 2020: 6.17 Release

July 2020: 6.16 Release

June 2020: 6.15 Release

Journey Orchestrator is your center for automated communications. It leverages the power of automation to make your job easier as you communicate with customers at scale. Gainsight enables customer success teams to launch automated emails based on customer attributes such as health score, product usage, survey results and lifecycle stage. Through automation, you can scale customer touches and engage with a growing list of customers often and effectively.

Trigger Survey In-app Engagements Using Programs

Previously, only Dialog, Slider, and Guide engagements were supported for triggering a Gainsight PX in-app engagement from a Program. However, Gainsight now supports triggering PX Survey in-app engagements to help customers achieve a unified customer engagement strategy by leveraging the best of both the JO and PX applications.

With Gainsight PX and Gainsight Surveys 2.0 integration, all of your PX Survey Engagement responses are accessible from Gainsight CS in real-time. For more information on how to integrate Gainsight PX with Gainsight’s Surveys 2.0, refer to the Gainsight PX Integration with Survey 2.0 article. 

All the PX Survey engagements that are marked as Triggered by Journey Orchestrator are imported into Surveys 2.0 and then available in the Survey dropdown option while creating a Program. For more information on the tasks to be performed in Gainsight PX, refer to the Tasks Performed in Gainsight PX section.

The PX surveys can be used in the Survey Email as well as in the Reminder Step of a survey program, and distributed either through Email/PX in-app Engagement. If the PX Engagement option is used in the survey step, then the Reminder step can only be sent through the email channel. To send a reminder through PX Engagement, the survey step must be Email.

Note: PX Survey in-app engagements cannot be triggered in the Email Chain program model.

3. JO-CX-PX1.png

Business Use Case:

  • CS admin wants to send an in-app NPS® survey and if not responded then wants to send an email reminder.
  • Support team wants to send an in-app CSAT survey after the support ticket is closed.


The following are the prerequisites to use this feature:

  • Customers must have subscriptions for both the Gainsight Journey Orchestrator module in the CS application and also the Gainsight PX application.
  • Configure the PX Connector in the Gainsight CS application. For more information, refer to the Gainsight PX Connector article.

For more information on how PX Survey engagements are triggered by Programs, refer to the Trigger PX In-app Engagements from Journey Orchestrator article.


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