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Catch-up on Cockpit Enhancements

March 2020: 6.12 Release


February 2020: 6.11 Release


January 2020: 6.10 Release


December 2019 : 6.9 Release

Cockpit is the day-to-day workspace for CSMs. As a turbo-charged “to-do list” that integrates with the rest of your system, it turns customer insights into tangible action items for your team. Calls-to-action, or CTAs, are tied to customers and are the backbone of Cockpit. CTAs can be created manually, but more often are triggered by business rules that analyze usage data. For each CTA that appears in the CSM's Cockpit, a prescribed playbook of best practice tasks can help guide the CSM through the right steps.

  1. pasted image 0.png Search for Dropdown List Type Fields

Admins can now search a value for the Dropdown List type fields on the following pages:

  • Admin > Workflow > CTA
  • Admin > Workflow > Task
  • Admin > Workflow > Success Plan

Business Use Case: If you have a lot of Reason Names for a CTA Type, for example, it can be time consuming to scroll and find the required Reason Name to be edited. To address this, Search for Dropdown List Type Fields is enhanced, so that when you search for a keyword from the required Reason Name, the system displays the filtered search results.

Note: Search Operation is allowed only on the String fields.



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