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Catch-up on 360 Enhancements

September 2020: 6.17 Release

The Customer 360 (C360) is a central hub of your customer’s business information in Gainsight. It synthesizes business data from various sources and provides you with a holistic view of your customers. This minimizes the preparation time for your customer meetings.

Re-run Failed Modules in Company Merge

When completing a Company Merge operation, it’s possible that some modules (such as timeline activities, survey responses, journey orchestrator programs, etc.) fail to merge while others succeed. Previously, admins had no direct action they could take to successfully merge the remaining modules. With this release, Admins now have the option to retrigger the Company Merge. This retrigger process will attempt to merge all failed modules. 

Admins can select this option as long as a Company Merge operation has failed modules. This functionality is not available for merge operations when all modules have succeeded.

Admins can choose to initiate a Company Merge Rerun, or Dismiss the option, from the Merge Logs.

9. C360.jpg

For more information on the Company Merge process, refer to the Company Merge article.

Use Path Parameters for Embedded URLs

Previously, when configuring embedded URLs for C360 sections, admins could only use query parameters to define the URL variables. With this release, path parameters are supported in addition to query parameters for embedded URLs. This enhancement gives admins more flexibility when configuring C360 sections.

10. 6.17 360 Path Parameter for Embedded URL.jpg

One use case where path parameters could help is for customers who use sites like Google Drive or to manage files. With path parameters, users can configure an embedded page section to access folders from these sites on the C360. For example, let’s say a company named Civilia is using Gainsight, and is also using to manage customer files with a folder for every customer. The path or URL to access their folder for a company called Summer Way is If we wanted to access this from the Embed Page section of Summer Way’s C360, we could pass the variable “SummerWay” as a path parameter. In that case, our configured URL would be${folderName}. Under conditions, we would define folderName = Company Name.

As part of this enhancement, the Embed Page Section configuration screen now includes a URL Preview field. This field displays an example of the URL the embedded page section will access based on your current parameter configurations. If admins change these configurations, they can click the Update button next to the URL Preview to see them reflected in the field.

10. Embedded URL.jpg

Note: In order for the Embed Page configuration to recognize a section of the URL as a path parameter, the variable must be formatted as ${x} where x is the path parameter. If this formatting is not applied, the path parameter will not be recognized and will not be applied. This formatting is used to denote a parameter regardless of where it is in the URL. Admins can use the format ${x} to denote query parameters as well where x could be the query parameter.

For more information on configuring embed page sections in the 360, refer to the Configure the Customer360 Sections article.

July 2020: 6.16 Release


June 2020: 6.15 Release


May 2020: 6.14 Release


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