Defining Attributes for Relationship Search Functionality


While searching for a relationship in Cockpit or other places in the product, by default, users can search a relationship by the Relationship name or name of the Account, to which the relationship belongs. However, you can configure additional attributes, such as CSM Owner, to search on, as well as other attributes that will show up in the search result list.

Note: The search result displays the first 20 records.

To define attributes for the relationship search functionality:

1. Navigate to Administration > Relationships > GENERAL SETTINGS.


2. Click on the Pencil icon to select attributes that will be used for searching relationships.


Note: In the drop-down box, attributes with (S) as a suffix are searchable attributes, whereas those without the suffix cannot be searched on, but will show up in the list (table) view.

Configure Relationship Contact Search Fields

The following procedure helps Admins configure Relationship Contact fields that can be used to search for relationship contacts.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Relationships > [Click on the Gear icon of an existing relationship type] > 360 View.
  2. Drag and drop the Relationship Contact associated object from the left pane to the drop here area under the 360 View.
  3. (Optional) On the Reports tab, check the associated object reports you want to display in the section.
  1. Click the Layout configuration tab, and then check the Gainsight Layout.
  2. Click + Field to add fields that you believe are important for searching contacts. For example, add Contact and Role fields
  3. Click the gear icon for each field, which you just added, to configure the search.
  4. Under Search Configuration, select the contact fields that you would like to make searchable, and then also select the corresponding checkbox under Include in Search.
  5. Under Filter Configuration, map Contact’s Account ID with Relationship’s Account.

Navigate to Customers > [Click a customer name] > R360 > Relationship Contact > [Search contact Name]. You will find all contacts with the entered name for the selected customer.