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Program Analytics: Reports Across Programs

This article refers to the Program Analytics page that can be located by navigating to Journey Orchestrator > Program Analytics.

The Program Analytics (formerly known as Journey Analytics) page displays data across Programs for each customer and contact. Under Program Analytics, admins can view information including the number of programs a customer or contact has participated in, as well as out of the box reports for bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and other data. To navigate to this feature, select Journey Orchestrator > Program Analytics. For more information on creating and publishing Programs, refer to How to Configure Programs (Path).

Program Analytics Page Overview


Customer/Contact Search Bar

The search bar at the top of the page can be configured to search for Customers or Contacts. Click the drop-down arrow by the magnifying glass to display these options. You can then type in the name of the Customer or Contact you would like to search for.


Global Filters

You can select filters for the Program Analytics page that apply to all reports on the page. To access these filters, click the filter icon on the top-right of the page.


Clicking the filter icon will open a pop-up window displaying the filters that can be applied globally.

5.20 enhancement global filter window.png

  1. Status: Filter based on Program Status.
  2. Programs: Filter based on specific Programs selected from the drop-down.
  3. Last __ days: Select a number of days. Filter based on the immediately previous number of days selected. If you select this filter, you can not select Date Range.
  4. Date range: Filter based on the selected date range. If you select this filter, you can not select Last __ days.
  5. Apply/Cancel/Clear: Select Apply to apply the filters, Cancel to undo your selection, and Clear to remove all applied Global Filters.

When a filter is applied, text describing the filter will display next to the filter icon.

5.20 enhancement global filter applied message.png

Global Filters will automatically Clear if you navigate away from the Program Analytics page.

Customer Analytics


  1. Back Arrow: This is only visible after a Customer has been selected from the search bar above. Click the arrow to navigate back to the default Program Analytics page.
  2. Programs widget: Displays the total number of Programs that are listed in the Programs List View page, except the programs that are in Draft status.
  3. Contacts widget: Displays the total number of Contacts associated with the Customer that have participated in Programs
  4. Total Email Delivered widget: The total number of emails delivered to People associated with the Company or Relationship from all Programs.
  5. Open CTAs widget: Displays the total number of open CTAs associated with the Customer
  6. Open & Click Rate widget: Displays the percentage of delivered emails out of sent emails, the percentage of open emails out of delivered emails, and the percentage of clicked emails out of opened emails for the Customer. These percentages are pulled from all Programs.
  7. Bounce & Unsubscribe Rate widget: Displays the percentage and number of Bounced, Unsubscribed, and Rejected emails sent to the Customer. These percentages are pulled from all Programs.
  8. Sent, Open, Click Report: Displays the number of emails sent, opened and clicked on by the Customer over time. Users have the ability to filter based on time period, change the report’s visualization type, and other chart options. This report, as well as the Bounced report and Spammed report also on this page, were previously introduced under Journey Orchestrator > Analytics. For more information on configuring these reports, refer to Review Journey Orchestrator Analytics (Reports).

Email Template Performance Report

This out-of-the-box report is designed to help you understand which Email Templates perform the best.


The report includes an entry for each email template, and displays columns of performance stats calculated based on the template’s use throughout all Programs within your org. These columns are not available for reporting outside of the Email Template Performance Report in Program Analytics.

The performance stats include Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Click to Open Rate, Bounced Rate, and Unsubscribed Rate. The stats are displayed as percentages with the actual number of relevant messages in parentheses. For example, under Delivery Rate the number in parentheses reflects the actual number of messages delivered, under Open Rate the number in parentheses reflects the actual number of times the mail was opened for the first time by the receiver, and so on.

Contact Analytics


  1. Customer Info: Name and Email of contact currently displayed. The back arrow will navigate to the default Customer analytics screen.
  2. Programs widget: Displays the total number of programs the contact has participated in
  3. Total Email Sent widget: The total number of emails sent to the contact from all Programs
  4. Open Rate widget: Displays the rate the contact has opened emails sent to them through Programs
  5. Program filter: Use this drop-down field to select the Program you would like to see activity for
  6. First Entered Program: Displays the date and time the contact entered the selected Program as a participant
  7. Email Activity Breakdown: For the Program selected, displays the status of the contact, as well as the number of emails sent to the contact, emails the contact has opened, and emails the contact has clicked.
  8. Activity Feed: Displays the contact’s activity feed for the selected program. For more information regarding activity feeds, refer to Programs: Participant Activity Feed.
  9. Refresh: Click this to refresh the content of the contact’s activity feed.

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