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Programs FAQ

The goal of this article is to answer FAQs of the Program feature. For more information about the feature in general, refer to the Introduction to Programs article.

Is the Program feature built on top of the existing Outreach feature or is it a new feature with new data architecture?

The Programs feature is built on a completely new tech stack from the original Outreach feature and is in fact a separate feature.

If new architecture, what were the key reasons we “started over”?

Many of the key elements available in Programs, such as the multi-chain email process and analytical capabilities, were not possible with the architecture of the original Outreach feature.

Should all new customers start immediately with Programs? Should they use the original Outreach feature for anything?

It is recommended to use Programs for the majority of use cases. The original Outreach feature should still be used for emails that require the Time Identifier feature, which gives users the ability to send emails at different times to different recipients based on defined criteria. In all other cases, the Program feature is the recommended option.

When should existing customers start using Programs?

This feature is available in orgs using Gainsight v5.6 or higher. Customers should use Program for all email use cases, except or when they need the time identifier feature. For more information on these specific use cases, refer to the Available Models for Program article.

Is there a required cutover, or can both Programs and Outreaches run in parallel?

They are separate features and can be used in parallel.

Are there any risks to enabling Programs?

No, enabling Programs does not impact existing Email Templates or the original Outreach feature. There is no harm in enabling Programs, even if it is not used immediately after it is enabled.

Can existing content or data be migrated or used with the Program feature?

Email Templates 2.0 can be used for both Programs, and the original Outreach feature. Existing 1.0 Email Templates will need to be recreated to be used with a Program.

Do I need to request access to the Program feature? Is this feature part of the standard Gainsight offering?

Yes, Program must be enabled within your org. Please contact Gainsight support to begin this process.

What are the benefits of moving to Programs?

Programs are capable of performing multi-chain email campaigns. This simplifies the multi-email process when needing to send related messages before, or following up after a survey submission. Previously, separate Outreaches had be created for each email, and each of these Outreaches required a separate Power List. Programs is designed to streamline this process.

Will I encounter problems or limitations if I don’t use Programs?

If you continue using the original Outreach feature for multi-email campaigns, you would need to create separate power lists and outreaches for every email in the series.

Is there functionality in the original Outreach feature that won’t be available right away with Programs?

The original Outreach’s Time Identifier feature, which gave users the ability to send emails at different times to different recipients based on defined criteria, will not be available immediately in Programs. The Time Identifier will be added to Programs in a future release.

Sending reports via Program is not yet available.

Can I add steps to a Program Model?

Yes, steps can be added to each Program model. For more information regarding this, refer to the Configure Model and Emails for Program article.

Can I create a model from scratch?

No, currently it is only possible to use the pre-configured models for Program. Additional models, and custom models for Program, are currently in development.

Is it possible to use the Email Chain model without a survey linked attached?

Yes, the Email Chain model was designed to send a series of emails not related to a survey.

Can the Program feature be used for workflows other than Surveys?

Yes, you can use the Email Chain model for non-Survey workflows, such as onboarding a new customer.

Can I Pause my Program?

Yes, you can pause a Program. Once a Program is paused, the Actions/Activities that are in a queue at the time when the Program is paused are executed normally, and the participants are paused only at the next Wait Timer/Conditional wait. 

What is the difference between a Reminder email and an Escalation email?

The Reminder email is sent to the participant of the Program. An Escalation email is sent to the customer's CSM/Account owner.

Is it possible to segment the "Thank You" email based on how customers responded to the survey?

Yes, Multi-Version Email Templates can be used as part of a Program. For more information on Multi-Version emails, refer to Create and Send Multi-Version Emails article.

Where do my token options come from when configuring Email Steps?

These options are pulled from Participant Sources added under Participant Configuration. For more information on this process, refer to Adding Participants to a Program article.

Why am I receiving a "Token Misconfiguration" error when attempting to publish my outreach?

For information on possible reasons and solutions to this error, refer to the Common Errors and Reasons article.

If Link Tracking is disabled, will survey lifecycle information and reports still be available for Programs?

Activities involving survey responses will still be tracked and available, but activities that involve tracking the link will not have information available.

Is it possible to send a follow-up outreach based on responses to a non-NPS® question?

Not at this time, but this is currently on the roadmap for a future release.

What CSV options exist for Programs?

There are a few options for Programs related to CSV. In Power Lists, you can upload a CSV file (existing functionality) in order to create a list of contacts. This Power List can then be used as part of the Program. You can also upload a CSV of participants to be included in the Program, or upload a CSV file of participants that you wish to exclude using the Exclusion list feature. 

Are contact ID’s required when uploading a distribution list to send emails?

No, if a participant list (distribution list) is uploaded as a CSV in Programs, Contact IDs are not a requirement. The only required fields are Account ID and Email in Programs. A Contact ID OR Email field is required to create a Power List from a CSV file.

Can we change templates in currently active Programs to include In-line Surveys?

Yes, In-Line surveys can be added to existing Program Email Templates without disrupting the Outreach.

Is it possible to build a Power List for Programs with a set of email Ids who may not be current account contacts?

Power Lists should be constructed using Contact Ids currently part of an Account within SFDC. This restriction allows survey responses to be successfully linked back to the appropriate contact and account.

Is the Power List supported in the Data Designer objects?

No, Power List is not supported in the Data Designer objects.

What's the difference between Program, standard Outreaches, Email Assist, and Gsnap functionality?

For information on how Email Assist, standard Outreaches, Programs, and Gsnap compare to one another, and their available functionality, refer to this table

Can I send Operational Emails through a Program?

Yes, email templates marked operational can be sent using the Email Chain model. For more information on this process, refer to Configure Model and Emails for Program article.

What specific items can be edited in a program post publish?

Admins can perform the following actions to the Sources of an Active Program after it is published:

  • Add and merge tasks in Bionic Query.
  • Add new fields to the existing source.
  • Map the new fields and also modify the existing mapping.
  • Make modifications in source filter criteria.
  • Add/Delete participant source(s). But, at least one source must be present.
  • Delete existing Custom fields if they are not used in any other criteria or steps.
Why am I receiving an error message when I try to update a Program?

This can occur when multiple users edit the same Program at the same time. The user who opened the Program first will be able to edit and save it as expected. The other editors will receive an error message when they attempt to save their instance of the program. This is to prevent concurrent editors from overwriting each others selections.

After receiving the error, users must refresh the page before they can save the Program. The refresh will load any changes made by the first editor.


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