This tutorial explains how to add a custom field (CSM Name) to an MDA object (Email Logs), enable permission to load to that object and field in the Rules Engine, and then build a rule that loads the CSM name into the Email Logs object nightly, so that you can associate sent emails (from Email Assist Tasks) with the CSM for reporting purposes.

Note: field names such as CSM Name may be different in your org.

Add Custom Field to MDA Object

  1. Navigate to Administration > Data Management > and click the Email Logs object.
  1. Click Add Field.
  1. Add the new Display Name for the field and complete the remaining selections. (In this example, we’re creating a CSM Name field. You could follow these same steps to add additional fields to the Email Logs object, such as Segment, Stage, etc.)
  2. Click Add.
  1. Click Save.

Add Permission to Load Data to Custom Object and Fields

Before you can build a rule that loads data to the new field, you must grant the user (yourself or another GS Admin) access to load data to the custom object and field. (Note: you may perform this step during the rule creation process, if you prefer.)

  1. Navigate to the Rules Engine > click the Settings gear on the right > select Permissions - Rules Load Actions.
  1. Select Matrix Data on the left, and the Email Logs object.
  2. Select the fields under Available Fields that you need to access in the rules engine, click Add, and then click Save.
  1. Click Back to return to the Rules Engine List View.

Create Rule to Load the CSM Name to the Email Logs Object

  1. Click +Rule to create a new rule.
  2. Select or enter the following:
  • Rule Type - Custom
  • Rule For - Accounts
  • Rule Name
  • (optional) Description
  1. Click Next.
  1. In the Setup Rule screen:
  • Select Account as the source object, since the CSM Name field is currently available there.
  • Add fields into the Show area, including Account::ID and Account::CSM Name. Be sure to add any fields that you want to be able to load data to (eg. Segment, Status).
  • (optional) Add fields to Filters if you only want to load data for certain accounts.
  1. Click Next.
  1. In the Setup Action screen:
  • Click +ACTION and select Load to Gainsight Object.
  • In Object Name, select Email Logs.
  • In Operation, select Update.
  • Perform field mappings: map the SFDC fields on the left to the MDA fields on the right. You must map the CSM Name field from the SFDC Account object to the new CSM Name field on the MDA Email Logs object.
  • Select Account Id as a unique identifier.
Load to Gainsight Object.png
  1. Click Save and schedule the rule to run nightly.

Email Assist Reporting

To see email open and click rates for Email Assist Tasks in conjunction with the CSM name, you’ll build a report on the Email Logs object.

In the Report Builder, select the Email Logs object, and pull the relevant fields into Show me (including CSM Name). Then use the filter Use Case = Cockpit to see only the Email Assist Tasks.

For more information on Email Assist Tasks and reporting, see the article Configure Email Tasks to Send From Cockpit.