The following procedure describes how to place a survey link in a custom/third-party HTML email template.

  1. Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Email Templates.
  2. Insert a survey (that you've already created) using the Survey button, and then click the Code tab.
  1. Copy and paste the anchor tag (as shown in the image below) of the survey in a separate file and save the file. For example, paste it in a Notepad file.
  1. In the Edit HTML Code window, copy and paste the HTML code of the custom template that you want to you use for the email template. Once you paste the email template code, you can delete the survey URL code, which was present in Step 3.
  2. In the HTML code, identify the link/button for which you would like to have the survey URL linked. In the below image, we have highlighted the More Details link that we would like to replace with the survey URL.
  1. Replace the existing anchor tag of the selected link/button with the anchor tag that you saved in Step 3. For example, as shown in the image below, you can replace the Anchor tag of the More Details link with the anchor tag of the survey URL saved in a file.
  1. Click Update. The link/button now points to the survey.