This tutorial explains how to create a power list using a data space.

Use Case: First, use a survey to collect feedback from customers on your product or services. Then, use Journey Orchestrator to gather the Email IDs of contacts who responded positively to an individual survey question. Send a follow-up email to only those contacts.  

Solution: To achieve this scenario, we must create a data space with answer title and survey name fields. We can use SurveyUserAnswer as the base object and create a data space. Once the data space is created, we can create a power list using this data space. In the power list, conditions can be added in the Criteria section to search for a specific survey, and also on the answers given (example: Excellent/Good). Once the account email IDs are fetched in the power list, we can send an Outreach.

There are two key steps in this process:

  1. Create a Data Space using SurveyUserAnswer as the base object. For more information, refer to the article Data Space Creation and Consumption.
  2. Create a power list using the data space.


  • A published survey is available in Gainsight.
  • A question is configured in the survey asking the customers for feedback on the product/service.

Create Survey Data Space

To create a data space using SurveyUserAnswer object:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Data Spaces.
  2. Click + DATA SPACE.
  3. Select SurveyUserAnswer as the base object.
  4. Add the following to the Fields area.
    • Account ID (SurveyUserAnswer → Participant → Account)
    • Question Code (SurveyUserAnswer → Question)
    • Answer Title (SurveyUserAnswer → Answer)
    • Survey Title (SurveyUserAnswer → Survey Master)
    • Question Title (SurveyUserAnswer → Question)
    • Account Name (SurveyUserAnswer → Participant)
  1. Click SAVE.

Create a Power List using the Data Space

While creating a power list, you’ll configure criteria to get the list of accounts who responded positively to the survey question. The first criteria searches for a survey using the survey title. After a match is found, the power list queries for accounts who responded positively to an individual survey question. Finally when the power list runs, the account email IDs are fetched.Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Power List.

To create a power list using data spaces:

  1. Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Power List.
  2. Click + POWER LIST.
  3. Select Account from the Create Powerlist for list.
  4. In the Derive list of contacts from section:
    • Select Data Space in the data source list
    • Select the data space you have created.
    • Select your filter criteria (All Contacts from Filtered Accounts).
data space in power list.png
  1. Add Title as criteria and provide the name of the survey. Using this object in the criteria is possible only if you have created a data space.
  2. Add Answer Title equals Good and Answer Title equals Excellent.
  3. In the Advanced Criteria, add A AND (B OR C).

The power list runs and looks for the surveys named Quarterly Survey 2016. Once the power list finds a matching survey, it will look for accounts who answered Good or Excellent to the question. As the Account ID and Title object is included in the data space, the account’s contacts will be fetched by the power list. The following image shows all the account’s contacts fetched from the account Acme1.

power list preview.png