This tutorial explains how to email internal SFDC users (non-Gainsight users) when a customer changes a stage or when a milestone is dropped. Additionally, using this tutorial you can notify CSMs about past due CTAs.

This tutorial assumes that the internal users are the Account owners. In your org, you may need to select a different field on the Account object.

Perform the following procedure to notify internal SFDC users:

  1. Navigate to Journey Orchestrator > Power Lists.
  2. Click + POWER LIST.
  3. Enter a name for the Power List.
  4. In the Derive list of contacts from section, select the following:
  • Select Salesforce.
  • Select Account from the source object list.
  • Select User Field from the strategy list.
  • Select Account Owner ID from the recipient field list.
user field strategy.png
  1. Add the following criteria:
  • Customer Info::Stage → includes → select one/all the stages
  • Customer Info::Stage Change Date → greater or equal → Subtract N Days from Run → 1
  • Customer Info::Stage Change Date → less than → Run Date

Note: Additional Criteria is applied only on the Base Object field (in this case Milestone) and you can filter only on the User fields (ID, Name, and Email).

  1. Add fields if required.
  2. Configure the refresh options.

Criteria to notify CSMs about past due CTAs

You can use the above tutorial to notify CSMs about past due CTAs.

Follow the steps in the above procedure through step 4, but use the following criteria:

  1. Call to Action::Due Date → less than→ Subtract N days from run = 7
  2. Account::Account Manager Name → not equal to → select the checkbox
  3. Call to Action::Deleted→ not equal to → select the checkbox
  4. Call to Action::Closed Date → equals → Custom
  5. Call to Action::IsRecurring → not equal to → select the checkbox


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