This article describes a handful of common Account-level Power List strategies or use cases. Visit Journey Orchestrator tutorials for more specific examples. For examples of Relationship-level Power List strategies, see the article Journey Orchestrator for Relationships. For examples of User-level Power List strategies, see the article Send Outreaches to Internal Salesforce Users.

All Contacts from Filtered Accounts

All Contacts from Filtered Accounts.png

The All Contacts from Filtered Accounts option is straight forward. It pulls all of the contacts from your accounts that meet your criteria.

Send Internal Emails

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You can send emails to internal contacts in the following ways:

  1. Send Outreaches to Internal Salesforce Users
  2. Select a field from USERS. It is not possible in Journey Orchestrator to send internal emails to contacts who are not available in the USERS list. As a workaround, you can also have your Salesforce Admin create a list of your Gainsight licensed users and add an Account_ID column with your company's SF Account ID. Then load that data into the MDA as a CSV. After mapping the Account_ID field to Account::Account_ID, you can use the MDA object in Power Lists to build an internal list of contacts.  

Support Case Emails

Contact Field.png

To send emails related to support tickets or cases, select the Case object, and then select a field from CONTACTS or USERS, depending on whether you want to email the support rep who handled the case, or the customer who submitted the case/ticket.

This strategy also works for ‪any object that holds a contact on it, such as Opportunity, or custom objects.‬

Email Addresses

Email Field.png

We recommend that you use EMAIL ADDRESSES when it's the only method available, and the contact you want to reach is not in SFDC or you're not using MDA. The email address field does not have a link to the Contact ID field, this means the other Contact fields will not be available to be tokenized. Your reports won't have contact names or company included.